Personality Development Tips for college students

A healthy personality is a person's overall behavior guided by their thoughts, experience, wit, and knowledge. It helps you gain acceptance and respect from society and increases your social standing.

It is our personality that distinguishes us from others and makes us who we are as a human. How a person responds, reacts, and retaliates to different situations in life makes or breaks their personality. Our psychological and mental health constitute a significant part of our personality and can also be influenced by various external factors.

Humans, by their very nature judge and evaluate each other by our outer appearance and what we can see, hear and feel. A healthy personality has the ability to adapt to unforeseen situations and be ready to face difficult situations. Healthy nature is a good listener and advisor; it helps them develop good relationships in society, both personally and professionally.

A healthy character not only inculcates positive attributes but also has the ability to handle negative attributes such as criticism, rejection, failure, etc. There are five areas of personality development - Mental, Social, Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional.

Mental development is the growth of the mind that helps in increasing mental aptitude to perform better at work and in life in general. Social development constitutes communication and interpersonal skills. Learning how to hear and express yourself efficiently can help you a great deal, especially in a workplace setting.

Spiritual growth is a very subjective concept. It can mean different to different people. Any activity or thing that helps you feel peaceful and content with yourself is spiritual. Practice a religion you resonate with or mediate to gain spiritual growth and find inner peace.

Physical development means making efforts to attain a healthy body, having a proper cycle of sleeping and eating, and inculcating good habits in day-to-day life. Physical and mental development goes hand in hand. By daily exercising, good nutrition, and proper sleep you can not only better shape physically but also improve brain functioning.

Emotional development facilitates you in expressing emotions effectively and listening to others with an open mind and non- judgemental way, giving meaningful advice or opinion. Emotional growth helps you develop a positive attitude even in tough situations and circumstances and helps you evaluate the right course of action to solve such problems. Curiosity is also a major part of their nature and they’re eager to learn and understand different subject matter. They’re also modest and straightforward in communication. They consciously build their self-esteem, health, and overall well-being. They have good control over their emotions and maintain stability in dire situations. Hence, the following are some important tips to enhance your personality with the help of which you can be the best version of yourself.

1. Celebrate “YOU” �

Learn to embrace yourself with your flaws. It is important we understand that our mistakes or flaws are something that makes us unique and it only makes us more human and humble. Know yourself and your personality before looking for ways to improve it. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses thoroughly and understand where you’re lacking and make efforts to improve it. So, celebrate yourself and stop being so self- critical about yourself.

2. Leave your comfort zone:

Comfort zone as the name suggests may be comforting but it is also very limiting. You cannot expect your life to change and grow in yourself if you keep doing the things you are used to. Try to come out of your shell and do different things, meet new people, and interact with them. It will help you gain new experiences and learn things that will help you hone new skills.

3. Have a positive outlook:

Life is full of highs and lows. In that case, it is important to have a positive attitude in order to face difficult situations or circumstances in life gracefully. Being optimistic will also provide you with a fresh mind to welcome opportunities and work towards them with great zeal. Meditation can also help in being positive and focused.

4. Read a lot to develop strong opinions:

The habit of reading can be very helpful in developing a strong personality for you. Books like Think and grow rich by Napolean Hill, The Alter Ego Effects by Todd Herman, and The Art and Science of Personality Development by Dan P. McAdams, are good options to start with. Reading such books will help you broaden your knowledge and develop well-informed and influential opinions which will be respected and accepted by others.

5. Groom your body language:

What do you feel every time you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you feel critical of yourself? Well, we’ll suggest stopping that right away and starting to work on your body language. Everything from how you walk, sit, eat, and talk constitutes body language or non-verbal skills, and improving on body language can make a lot of difference in your personality. Smile more often, Sit in a relaxed position, and make eye contact while talking to others.

6. Dress smartly:

At the beginning of this blog, we mentioned that outer appearance plays a significant role in how people evaluate each other. Hence, Dressing up appropriately according to the surroundings in question is an important part of developing a good personality. Before you meet someone or talk to them, how you present yourself is the first thing that people recognize you for. So, dress decent and look presentable always.

7. Be confident in yourself:

Instead of trying to fit in, find like-minded people or groups to interact with. You should never compromise who you are within yourself and lose your authenticity in any circumstances whatsoever. Have faith in yourself and your capabilities and always try to improve yourself.

8. Seek your purpose:

Seek your purpose and look out for doing greater good than others. Attach yourself with a purpose more than materialistic goals and be kind to all. Always try to give back more than you take. Being humble and kind will make you go places and open doors to opportunities like never before.

How can I improve myself as a Student?

Adopting the above-mentioned tips for your personality development will help you greatly. As a student, it will help you stay positive and driven toward your goals. It will also help you create a disciplined lifestyle and habits that will only lead you closer to your goals. Apart from that, you can adopt the following habits and tips to improve yourself as a student-

★ Change your perspective:

Stop thinking of education as a punishment. Education is the tool to train your mind to think positively and create a promising future. So, get curious about the world around you. Do not just study for exams, study to gain knowledge. The knowledge that will help you in and outside of exam halls.

★ Make good friends:

It is believed a person is known by the company they keep. Choose friends or groups in schools/colleges that help you in your studies, motivate you to keep improving and in case of failure, encourage you to try again.

<★ Be attentive in class:

Try to focus in class as much as you can. Be respectful and attentive towards your teachers and professors. Take down important notes, revise your lessons regularly, and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

★ Ask questions:

Read and revise your lessons, especially the topics you find difficult to understand. Make sure to ask questions that will help you understand your concepts in a better way.

★ Extra-curricular activities:

A good student is one who is active outside of the classroom as well. So, make sure to participate in other activities your school/college has to offer. It will teach you healthy competition, teamwork, and discipline.

★ Self-discipline:

Practice self-discipline because nothing can motivate you to study and perform well better than you. Imagine yourself achieving that highest grade or your dream college whenever you feel de-motivated. Make a to- do list to stay organized, remove all distractions and prepare a quiet place to study. Reward yourself for achieving short-term and long-term tasks with your favorite snacks or activity. And don’t forget to take timely breaks too. Try these tips to improve as a student and develop your personality. And don’t forget to comment down below when you achieve that grade or your dream college later in life.

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