Tips for staying Consistent With Your NEET 2023 Preparation

“Success is the sum total of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier

The best thing about competitive exams such as NEET- UG is that it puts every type of student on the same platform and now it doesn’t matter if you topped your board exams or you were an above-average student. Now is the time to redeem yourself for such students and for the toppers to prove yet again that last time wasn’t just a stroke of luck. And this could only be possible with consistent efforts and hard work. Everyone has their own definitions of success but to reach them everyone needs to be consistent and focused. Hence, this blog will help you in staying consistent with your NEET 2023 preparation by giving some tips and tricks to follow while preparing and studying for the NEET examination.

❖ Be inquisitive and interested:

Before starting anything, you must know the purpose of starting the task. If you do things just for the sake of it then you’ll hardly reach anywhere. So, remind yourself why you started the preparation of NEET in the first place. Place a picture of your dream college on your bedroom wall or in front of your study desk, you can also have pictures of you in a white coat saved as wallpaper for inspiration. Whenever you feel like giving up, remember you’re not only giving up on that one exercise or question you find difficult, but you’re also giving up on your dream college or the opportunity to see yourself being a doctor.

❖ Make a habit out of studying regularly:

If you want to score well, you should treat studying as part of your daily routine like brushing your teeth. Studying should be as natural to you as any of your daily routines or chores. This will help you develop consistency like no other. Treat yourself as a lifelong learner and studying as your duty. If you hold yourself accountable on days you couldn’t perform as per expectation, it will motivate you to perform better next time.

❖ Organize group discussions with friends and classmates:

Studying every time all by yourself will make the process boring and monotonous, especially when you’re facing difficulty in solving the problems. Discuss concepts, exchange notes, ask each other questions and solve each other’s queries. Exchange test papers and check them for the other person. This will give a sense of healthy competition as well and help you evaluate your performance from another point of view.

❖ Focus on what you can control:

Some students stress themselves thinking about their performance in mock tests and competing with their coaching classmates and forget the main goal is the NEET examination. Not scoring well on your mock test shouldn’t discourage you and influence you to give up eventually. Instead, concentrate on your test performance and improve the deviation from your previous performance rather than paying heed to other people’s performance.

❖ Procrastination is your enemy:

Try to achieve your daily tasks and weekly tasks as efficiently as you can. Divide your daily tasks into smaller sub-tasks and reward yourself with snacks, food, or extra screen time after completion of the tasks. This will help you develop an interest in studies and keep the flow.

❖ Self-motivation is important:

Nobody can motivate you better than yourself. So, try to self-introspect and find how you’re feeling toward your current situation, your academic performance, your NEET preparation, and any other situation that may trouble you in general. Write journals or create a SWOT analysis for yourself. This will help you clear your mind and help you prioritize better.

❖ Challenge yourself:

Make a game out of solving practice papers or sample papers. Challenge yourself to solve 30-50 questions in the stipulated time and when you succeed in accomplishing that, increase the number of questions in that particular set time.

❖ Exercise and meditate:

This is something most students skip adding to their schedule. A healthy body will enhance a healthy mind and thus help you reduce stress, exam fever, and nervousness; make you confident instead, and help you concentrate in the right direction. That’s all on how to be consistent while preparing for the NEET examination. Hope all these tips will be helpful in your NEET preparation. These tips are quite generic as every student is different and their source of motivation could be different as well. Hence, feel free to add some of your own tips in the comment section below. And if you’ve any more queries or need further information regarding the NEET preparation, you can contact our Dream Medicine team.

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