NEET 2023 Preparation in 10 Days

For the last ten days leading up to the NEET 2023 exam, it is essential to focus on honing your skills and knowledge. Make sure to review all the topics you have studied and practice as many questions as possible. Utilize the time you have left to your advantage by creating a study plan that works for you. Take regular breaks to ensure that you stay focused and motivated. Also, make sure to get enough sleep and stay hydrated. With the right preparation and dedication, you can be confident that you will be ready to ace the NEET 2023 exam! Read the following points mentioned in this blog to strategize and utilize these last 10 days efficiently and make the most of the time left.

  • Evaluate the NEET syllabus with NCERT books:
  • Evaluate the whole syllabus, especially the NCERT books to track how much you’ve covered and how much is left. Don’t get stressed about what is left rather concentrate on the topics you’ve covered and you’re confident about.

  • Make a separate timetable for the last 10 days:
  • Prioritize revision, study breaks, and relax your mind 10 days prior to the exam. Make a timetable that includes maximum time for revision and concentrates on Biology diagrams and figures, Physics formulas and derivations, and Chemistry reactions and equations.

  • Try to finish your remaining syllabus:
  • Prioritize revising what you’ve covered but that doesn’t mean you leave the remaining syllabus totally. Take out 2 hours before sleeping only for covering the remaining syllabus. You might miss one or two topics still; but fret not, because many former toppers have claimed that they couldn’t cover the whole syllabus but the good thing is that it didn't dampen their spirit to score well in the exam.

  • Attempt mock test papers:
  • Attempt at least 1-2 mock test papers regularly in the last few days to maintain your speed and accuracy. One of the NEET toppers 2022, stated that “I would attempt the mock test in 1.5 to 2 hours followed by a complete revision regularly.” Hence, attempting mock tests helps students understand the type of questions they need to spend more time on and decide their strategy for attempting the actual exam accordingly.

  • Be proactive and maintain your documents at the earliest:
  • Check your admit card and read all the requirements/instructions carefully. After that organize your stationery and documents like ID card, admit card and extra passport-size photographs. Carry a small transparent pouch to keep the mentioned items. Make sure you don’t carry items like mobile, calculators, watches, any electronic devices, jewelry, etc.

  • Practice difficult questions again and again:
  • Find out the sample papers that consist of topics that you find difficult to solve. Take out the last 5 days solely for these questions. Practice and solve as many questions as you can within the stipulated time i.e., 3 hours and 20 minutes.

  • Do not study on the last day of the exam:
  • Studying on the last day will only make you nervous and jitty about the exam. Try to keep your hands off the books on the last day as it will only make you feel like you’re not prepared enough.

  • Relax on the day before the exam:
  • Do not stress yourself the day before the exam. Try not to study on that day at all. Just relax and let yourself breathe. Take enough sleep and wake up energetic and fresh on the day of the exam.

    When there are only a few days left for the exam, try to concentrate on strategies you’ll follow in that 3 hours and 20 minutes rather than the results that you’ll have to face afterward. We understand it is totally normal to feel nervous about your performance but have faith because you’ve prepared well, and waited for this moment for a long time so try to do your very best. Follow the tips given in this blog to help you calm and relax. Talk to your parents or mentor to gain last-minute encouragement. Keep a transparent water bottle handy to stay hydrated during the exam.

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