Are you a NEET aspirant wanting to concentrate and focus on your studies for a long period of time?

If the answer is yes then you must have to look at this article and go through it deeply. Overall there are more than 18,00,000 NEET aspirants appearing for NEET 2023. While preparing for NEET one must know the tips to concentrate for long hours while preparing for NEET 2023. The word NEET stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, a medical entrance test for aspirants seeking admission to medical institutions. Just by appearing for NEET one can pursue courses like MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BUMS, etc. in both government and private medical institutes across the country. Students preparing for NEET sacrifice their sleep, and friends' gatherings, locking themselves in one room and studying hard. Cutting yourself from one social life and preparing a proper goal by following a strictly maintained schedule. To be honest, there is a lot of stress in scoring good marks but, just be positive and focused, you will do well. The language in which NEET (UG) 22 is conducted are English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu “You were born to use a stethoscope not to work 9 to 5”.

Selection process:

NEET aspirants are selected on the basis of the merit list as prepared by NTA after the exam. Basically to appear on the merit list one must have to score at least 50 percentile and the candidate belonging to SC/ST/OBC have a limit to 40% percentile.

How to memorize subjects fast?

  • ● Start by making a daily learning routine, this will help you to memorize things
  • properly.
  • ● Clarify your notes in a 24-48 hour cycle.
  • ● Try to understand things, not just learn.
  • ● Learn all the concepts individually before coordinating them together.
  • ● Keep taking small-small tests by yourself, so as to know your day-by-day active scores.
  • One needs to give at least 12-15 hours a day on NEET exam preparation. Try giving yourself small-small breaks between studies so as to get relaxed. One must have information about the proper knowledge and tips to concentrate for long hours while preparing for NEET 2023.

    Following are some points by which you can prepare your NEET :
  • ● Firstly, get yourself a calendar and a diary. Note down all the important things in the calendar that you have to do in a day, line by line. Start writing all the key points in your diary and properly maintain them in a timely manner. In your diary, you can also write down the things you have to do the upcoming day.
  • ● Set your priorities for the things you have to do in a day and anyhow try to complete them all.
  • ● Start by learning for 2-3 hours. After that, take a small break to relax and rest your body.
  • ● All the aspirants preparing for NEET must make sure that they consume a healthy diet and have proper water intake. Some essential foods that aspirants must have are nuts, apples, blueberries, green vegetables, eggs, etc, and many other healthy eatables. Our body needs all the
  • essential nutrients to make our body work, so one must definitely take a healthy one.
  • ● To stay focused one must remove all distractions, set goals, avoid staying away from social media, and take breaks.
  • ● Giving enough sleep to your body is good for health.
  • ● Good sleep increases your brain performance and health. If you don’t get enough quality sleep regularly there are risks for you getting many diseases and disorders. Which range from heart disease, and stroke to obesity
  • Points to keep in mind if you are trying to concentrate for long hours:

    ● Try sticking to your timetable - Not only make a strategic timetable but it is equally important to get stuck to it no matter what. There are many students who follow their timetable in the starting, and later on, they step back. This mistake should strictly be avoided if you want to complete your syllabus fast.

    ● Less usage of electronic gadgets - Electronic gadgets are always a big interruption for students while studying. These days using social media is very common, but one must make sure to keep these distractions away while studying.

    ● Exercise and meditate - Exercising and meditation should be practiced on a daily basis. It is very important to take care of your physical and mental health. Exercising and Meditating help relax your body and reduce stress.

    Conclusion: I must say that one must keep in mind these above-mentioned tips to concentrate for long hours while preparing for NEET 2023. Increase your interest in studies by following these tips. You must use the power of self- motivation to crack NEET... Wish you all good luck. -----------------

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