Practice Questions in The Right Way For NEET

To learn how to practice questions in the right way for NEET, you first need to be aware of the exam pattern clearly, how many questions are there in each section, and what is the weightage of each mark. Answering these questions for yourself is important to develop a good strategy to practice questions in the right way for NEET.

Question Type Number of questions How to prepare
Numerical-based 15-20 NCERT- based
Theory-based 15-20 Mostly NCERT- based
Logical concepts > 10 MConcepts are from NCERT, you can take help of reference books too.
Critical concepts questions > 10 Learn from NCERT, revise hand-written notes &reference books.

The exam pattern is divided into two sections- Section A and Section B; Section A holds 35 questions whereas Section B contains 15 questions out of which 10 are to be attempted. There are a total of 50 questions for each subject out of which, you’ve to attempt 45 questions.

Tips for practice questions in the right way for NEET:
● List all important formulas and equations:

To practice questions, you should make a list of all important formulas and equations. Make flashcards and sticky notes to learn formulas quickly. While solving questions you can take the help of these flashcards to remember easily.

● Start with NCERT exercise questions:

Try to learn your chapters from NCERT books first and solve exercises given after every chapter as the explanation in the NCERT books is concise and easy to understand. Most of the questions in the NEET exam pattern consist of questions from the NCERT exercises.

● Revise hand-written notes:

Revise the hand-written notes after attempting the questions and find the mistakes you may have done while practicing questions. Re-attempt the same exercise after the revision.

● Read the same topics from reference books:

Read the same topics from reference books will help you enhance your knowledge of the topics. There are a few critical concept questions that may come from other books so it is beneficial to not be dependent on one source of information entirely.

● Attempt mock test papers:

Attempt mock test papers at least 2-3 times every week. Divide the study plan weekly and attempt mock tests at the start and end of the week. Analyze your performance on both tests and try to improve on the deviation of your performance.

● Practice regularly:

Practice questions regularly and solve easier problems first. If you’re having difficulty solving problems; you can revise your notes 4-5 times thoroughly then sit back to solve the problems and start with short answer questions. That will encourage you to solve harder problems as well.

● Memorise formulas, equations & derivation efficiently:

Understand the formula first, and its purpose then read the formulas aloud 3 times. Write down the formula 5 times. Now repeat it in your brain 5 times or visualize the written formula 5 times. Now write the formula 3 times again. Repeat this process with every important formula and equation to learn it by heart.

Apart from the above-mentioned point, always remember to stay consistent in your efforts. There will be times while preparing for the NEET exam when you’ll feel that you won’t be able to solve certain questions and will be compelled to skip those topics. But don’t be distracted by such temporary feelings because those critical questions make all the difference between toppers and other candidates. Take a 20-minute break after every hour of study. Try to engage in other hobbies in your free time. Keep solving questions after completing every topic. Seek help from mentors/teachers when you’re stuck with certain topics. Keep working hard and be mindful of your speed and accuracy while solving practice questions and mock tests.

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