NEET 2023 Preparation Strategy for Repeaters

Medicine is a challenging field of study and you should be proud of yourself for even attempting it. If you’re a repeater, you may have faced criticism and backlash from people around you after not performing as per the expectation. But, do not be discouraged due to this because failing and trying again will only make you stronger and better.

Always remember aspirants that the next 1 year of consistency and hard work will land you in your dream college. Imagine yourself in that white apron and remember how it makes you feel, then give it your all to experience that in real life.

Since you’ve attempted the NEET exam before, you must have your basics, concepts, and topics clear. All you need to do is work on your time management, accuracy, and speed. You must also focus on improving

your weak areas in the subjects and keep self-analyzing your performance too as a NEET preparation strategy for repeaters.

If the last time you attempted the exam on your own without any mentor or guidance, try to find one this time. You can also join a coaching center, or take help from your former school teachers.

Try to build a new perspective and strategy for the NEET 2023 preparation strategy for repeaters. Write fresh hand-written notes, highlight important topics, formulas, etc. Read success stories of NEET toppers, and watch their interviews, or TED talks to stay motivated.

The most frequent mistake aspirants make is believing that they’re not motivated or capable enough. They wait for motivation in order to sincerely work towards their goal which is a big hindrance. There is a saying that you don’t need to feel good to get going; you need to get going to give yourself a chance to feel good.

“ Motivation follows action. “

1. Start with 6 hours of study:

Set your timetable such that you’ve 6 hours at your disposal solely dedicated to studying for the NEET exam. This should include learning about new chapters and concepts, working on your weak areas, practicing mock test papers, revision, attempting MCQs and numerals, reviewing your attempted mock test, and improving on your mistakes.

2. Do not rely on the previous year’s notes:

Depending upon the previous year's notes will only take you backward in your preparation. It doesn’t mean you should discard them fully, use notes of those topics that you have a stronghold and understanding of but make fresh notes ( preferably handwritten) on topics that you have got a doubt about and have a difficult time understanding. Repeaters don’t need to repeat notes as well otherwise as the NEET preparation strategy for repeaters.

3. Combine online and offline studies:

If you attend online classes or watch Youtube videos for NEET preparation, then you must combine it with the NCERT syllabus as well. Whatever topic you’re studying in online classes, find the topic in the NCERT and read it along with the notes made from the online classes to understand the concepts thoroughly.

4. Mock tests for the win:

There is no such thing as enough mock test papers. You must attempt as many mock tests as you can. Solve questions sincerely and be transparent about your mistakes. Learn from the mistakes you make and improve on them. Make sure you solve at least 100-200 questions every day as there is not much time left for NEET 2023. So, this is important for the NEET preparation strategy for repeaters.

5. Gain confidence on as many topics as you can:

While solving questions on a certain topic, don’t skip any format. Try to solve MCQs, short-answer type questions, long-answer type questions, numerical, etc. Do not stop unless you’re absolutely confident that you can solve everything on that particular topic. This will benefit you more than being half-prepared for every topic in the syllabus. Prioritize the important topics that hold more weight in the exam and prepare these topics in every format possible than trying to cover the syllabus altogether.

6. Attempt speed tests:

This is the most common mistake many aspirants make. They utilize all their time in preparing for the subject matter and solving the problem with accuracy but forget that they’ve only 3 hours and 20 minutes that can make or break their dream of admission to a recognized medical college. Don’t wait for the completion of your syllabus to attempt speed tests. Attempt speed tests at least 2 times a week to maintain a decent speed. However, you should prefer to do it as much as you can. Many former NEET toppers advocated that they took speed tests 2-3 times after completing every topic.

7. Last but not least, Revision:

Keep revising everything you learned in a day regularly. Set your timetable such that you spare an hour for revision solely before going to bed daily. Also, make sure you’ve enough days at your disposal before the exam to go through everything you’ve prepared one last time. Don’t leave anything for the last minute and avoid being overconfident too.

That’s it on NEET preparation strategy 2023. We hope these tips will be insightful and reliable in your preparation for the exam. Here is the NEET exam 2023 pattern to assist you to prepare your timetable accordingly. You can also contact our Dream Medicine Educon Team for further guidance and queries.

Section Number of Questions Marks distribution
Physics Section A: Attempt all 35 questions Section B: Attempt 10 out of 15 questions Section A: 140 marks in total Section B: 40 marks in total Total marks for Physics: 180
Chemistry Section A: Attempt all 35 questions Section B: Attempt 10 out of 15 questions Section A: 140 marks in total Section B: 40 marks in total Total marks for Chemistry: 180
Zoology Section A: Attempt all 35 questions Section B: Attempt 10 out of 15 questions Section A: 140 marks in total Section B: 40 marks in total Total marks for Zoology: 180
Botany Section A: Attempt all 35 questions Section B: Attempt 10 out of 15 questions Section A: 140 marks in total Section B: 40 marks in total Total marks for Botany: 180
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