Hostel packing list for students

Packing for hostels can be fun and tricky at the same time. Whether you’re a student who moved out of your home for higher education or a traveler in a new country, you are bound to stay in hostels once or twice. And, thus, comes the need to have a hostel packing list especially if you’re a student. You wouldn’t want to leave your essentials such as a toothbrush or face wash and ask your new roommate to borrow them. It doesn’t matter if you’re a last-minute packer or someone who plans ahead of time. You’ll have to decide at some point what goes in and out of that suitcase of yours. This is where this blog will come in handy. Here are the hostel essentials packing list in India and outside-

1. Toiletries:

This is one of the essential things you need to pack for the hostel because you don’t want to find yourself stuck in the shower without a bar of soap or shampoo, do you? Toiletries are something that’s too personal and nobody likes to share in case you forget yours all the time. So, make sure you fix your toiletries bag as first priority. Some toiletries essentials are toothbrush/toothpaste, soap or shower gel, towel, shampoo, comb, detergent, mini sewing kit, scissors, mosquito repellents, etc. Hence, this is a priority on the list of the hostel packing list for students.

2. Extension Boards/cords:

Hostel rooms hardly have more than two plug points or switchboards and if you own laptops, electric lamps or torches, hair straighteners, or other such tools, managing to keep them charged for use can be a hassle. Especially if you’re living with a roommate, it is essential in the hostel packing list for students to carry extension cords to avoid arguments over who will charge their devices first.

3. First-aid kits:

Hostel mess foods, new environment, and new lifestyle could be difficult to adjust to initially and it could easily take a toll on your physical well-being, making you fall sick frequently. So, always carry a box of first-aid kits with general medicines, cotton, antiseptic cream or liquid, a roll of bandage, etc as prevention is better than cure. So, never forget this while arranging your hostel packing list for students.

4. Documents:

Students tend to forget the most essential thing in the excitement of their new life. Never, I repeat Never forget your documents such as ID proof, Marksheets, College application form, fee receipts copy, etc. Make copies of all your documents and save them on the cloud or your laptop if you still forget to carry them. In that case, you can easily get a scanned copy for later use. Hence, it is essential in the hostel packing list for students.

5. Household items:

Students should carry their own utensils even if they’re planning to eat in the hostel mess. Utensils such as a pack of spoons/forks, plates, bowls, coffee mugs, kettle, water bottles, air-tight tiffin box, all-purpose cleaner, paper towels/napkins, dustbins, trash bags, etc. These are items that you can carry on your own or you can divide the list of items with your roommate for shared use. However, try to keep your own things as much as you can to avoid any conflicts or inconveniences later.

6. Clothing:

This is a given in the hostel packing list for students. Clothing not only consists of your wardrobe essentials like your outfits but also your bed and blankets. Carry bed sheets (at least two of them) and a mattress, a Quilt, a pillow and its cover, towels for your hand, face, and body, Sweats and Pajamas, Slippers or flip flops, socks, dusting towels, a set of business- casuals, a set of formal wear, etc.

7. Food items:

No hostel students can be satisfied only by eating in the hostel mess. You need to snack now and then too. You don’t necessarily have to carry all the food items because you can buy them at the university campus or outside as well. However, you can carry a few things such as dry fruits, coffee sachets, Maggi noodles, or ready-to-make snacks in case you don’t get the time to go grocery shopping in the first few weeks of your stay. That’s why it made it to the hostel packing list for students.

8. Stationary:

Stationary and other college supplies such as pens/pencils/ highlighter pens, Spiral books/notebooks, Stationary holders/pen stands, and other desk supplies, backpacks, candle and matchboxes, calendars/planners, etc. You may also find such items on your campus as well but many a time these items are sold costlier than the market outside. So, it is advisable to carry some of these items beforehand and prioritize the others later making them an essential commodity in the hostel packing list for students.

9. Electronic items:

We know you millennials can’t live without our gadgets. And most of our work and study are done online. So, make sure you don’t leave your laptops and other devices behind. Carrying a laptop charger, phone charger, electronic lamp or torch, portable speakers, earphones or headphones, electric kettle, etc is essential in the hostel packing list for students.

10. Other miscellaneous items:

  • ● Small lock and keys
  • ● Sports or exercise equipment
  • ● Umbrella
  • ● Safety pins and cloth clips
  • ● Aluminum pouches
  • ● Scissors/Knives
  • ● Earbuds/ Toothpicks
  • ● Sleeping Mask
  • ● Laundry bags or dry bags for dirty clothes
  • ● Pocket wifi
  • ● Room freshener sprays
These items mentioned above in the hostel packing list for students are mostly for the fresher students who are leaving their homes for their higher education. We know, it's quite a list and so as a student, you should try to lighten your suitcase as much as you can. For that, try to pack items only for one semester or season because you can easily exchange items according to your needs when you visit your home on vacation or long weekends. However, now that you’ve reached the hostel and settled, the next thing that mostly comes to mind is how do you survive hostel life and enjoy it to the fullest.

● Befriend your seniors:

Most fresher students fear or feel nervous around their seniors due to misconceptions they’ve gathered from movies, dramas, and tv shows. However, the reality is mostly different. Most seniors are welcoming and friendly. You just need to put yourself together and initiate conversation then you’ll find that they will include you in their group easily. Even if some seniors tease you, it's all in good faith.

● Befriend your Roommate:

Your roommate is a person you’ll have to see every day no matter what. So, it is advisable to get to know each other and try to form good cordial relations with your room. You don’t have to be best friends but engaging in deep conversations, taking interest in each other’s lives, and discussing boundaries beforehand will help you sustain your hostel life a great deal.

● Be kind to Hostel staff and Guards:

Being kind is free. So, don’t hesitate to say hi to the guards when you’re going out or coming into the hostel, you can strike up a conversation here and there and try to build a good rapport. This will help at times when you’re running late for your curfew hour. Be cordial with other hostel staff such as janitors or cleaning staff, mess staff, admin staff, etc, since these are the people who can help you out at times when your room needs maintenance, or you need something to eat after your late-night studies.

● Be organized and attentive:

Fix a schedule for yourself and try to stick to it. Keep your things in their proper place, and clean your room at least once a week. Be attentive to your belongings and try not to keep your things here and there. Do not share your laptops with everyone carelessly. In emergency situations, ask them to use your things in your room only. Adopting these tips will help you in your hostel life for sure. Other than that try to be friendly and helpful but at the same time learn to say no when you’re uncomfortable, be very firm and respect other people’s boundaries too. This concludes our blog on the hostel packing list for students. If you’ve any suggestions or hacks for hostel life, feel free to comment down below.

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