Best jobs for Travel lovers

Best jobs for Travel lovers

Jobs fill your pockets, and traveling feeds your soul.

Best Jobs for Travel Lovers

Hi, Priya! You look upset. What’s up?” Alex said to his colleague Priya, who works as a Sales Executive as him in the same company.

“Oh hi! Nothing much… it’s just my friend from school who is a photographer. She travels so much and posts such cool pictures on social media. I wish I could travel along with my job too.” She replied to him. 

Do you also, often wonder like Priya? Do you wish to have a career where you can satiate your travel dreams? Well then, You’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ve listed the best jobs for travel lovers. Jobs that require travel and pay well too. 

Airline Pilots and Flight Attendants

An Airline pilot is responsible for navigating a flight safely to its destination along with its passengers, crew members, and cargo. In contrast, flight attendants are responsible for directly catering to the needs of the passenger abode. They’re also responsible for instructing the passengers in emergency situations and ensuring their safety. These jobs by their very nature allow you to travel and also come with additional benefits such as a high salary package, paid accommodation, and extra remuneration for expenses during the stay.

Cruise ship worker

Working on a Cruise ship will not only help you travel to different countries but across continents too. If you love living a nomadic life, exploring different cultures, and challenging yourself to the unseen and unknown, this is the job for you. It gives you ample time to explore new places, learn about different cultures, and interact with different people along with the facility of good food and accommodation, and great pay.

Hotel Manager

Traditionally, Career as a Hotel Manager is considered one of the highest-paying jobs along with several other perks. One such bonus is frequently traveling to visit and manage hotels in the same chain, learn about the hospitality industry, and recruit specialized chefs and other hoteliers for their hotels. 

English teacher/Translator

The English language is a significant language used across the globe. Most government offices, departments, the world organization like WHO, use English as their mode of communication. So, you can work as an English language teacher if you’re fluent in the language, and have good command over the grammar and basics of it by traveling to non-English speaking countries. You can also work as a translator if you are bi-lingual or multi-lingual; travel with diplomats, politicians, movie stars, etc.

Foreign Service Worker

If you have the spirit of serving the nation and are good at diplomacy. This job requires travel and pays well as it requires you to visit foreign countries and maintain foreign relations and delegacy in the country's interest.

Writer/Travel writer or blogger

This is one of the most conventional freelances jobs that allows you to travel anywhere and everywhere. Being a writer gives a sense of freedom and a set of perks like no other. It gives you ample time to explore new places, enjoy different ethnicity, and curate interesting ideas. You can also get paid handsomely by writing guides, and travel blogs for websites, publishing houses, magazines, or newspapers. 

Tour guide/ Travel Agents

If you’re a travel enthusiast, and have good communication skills, and organizational and time management skills; a tour guide is the right option for you. You can work as a tour guide or as a travel agent for travel companies that are comparatively paid higher. 


Photographer is one who is required to travel anywhere and everywhere for that one good shot. So, if you’re someone who has a keen eye for detail, have patience and determination to go to any length for a good shot. This is the career for you. You can either work for travel publications or work as a freelancer and sell your pictures later.

Travel Nurse

This is a very in-demand field of career, especially after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the demand for registered nurses is expected to rise by 6% from 2021 to 2023. Travel nursing jobs can be found anywhere, which means you don’t have to wait for the season to travel or think about food or accommodation as these logistics are usually taken care of by the health organization or hospitals you represent.

Au Pair

This is a recent trend, especially for youngsters who wish to study abroad and earn as well. Working as an Au Pair; you’ve to stay with a local family and help them take care of the family and household in exchange for remuneration, free food, and accommodation. 

International Aid worker

If you’re someone keen on contributing and giving back to society and traveling while doing so. This is the job for you and it will also get you paid handsomely. You’ll get the opportunity to handle real-life problems, teach you to think quickly on your feet and humble yourself after facing adverse situations. 


Archaeologists study human history by excavating caves and historical sites, analyzing ancient artifacts, collecting data, and preserving or restoring historical remains. Suppose you’re someone who is interested in human history and loves to travel as well. This is one of the highest-paying travel jobs. 

Travel show host

Several online and offline network broadcast shows in which a person travels to foreign locations and provides viewers with information on the culture, cuisine, and landmarks to see. This is one of the best jobs for travel lovers in India. 

International Journalist

An International journalist is someone who covers news stories from across the globe. You are required to have a bachelor’s degree in journalism for this. You’ve to travel where the news will take you. It is a very exciting and challenging job.

Foreign Affairs Analyst

To become a Foreign Affairs Analyst, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, Political Science, or similar fields. This is a highly-paid job that requires you to help government officials to find solutions to foreign affairs, and economic, political, and social issues.

Travel Publicists

Travel publicists work with hotels, airlines, and travel agencies and provide PR services to them. The job includes traveling to meet clients, brand promotions, advertising, marketing, and pitching ideas to journalists.

Creative Directors

Creative Directors are ones who lead a team of writers, designers, strategists, etc, on advertising and branding of clients’ products and services and that will make you travel to meet clients.

Sports Instructor

If you’re someone who is athletic and interested in extreme sports such as skydiving, scuba diving, surfing, paragliding, etc. Then being a sports instructor will open ample opportunities for you to travel to beaches, mountains, tropical regions, deserts, and all sorts of places. 


This concludes our list of highest-paying travel jobs. Finding a travel job or travelling while working is pretty simple, all you need to have is some set of skills and find the right resources where you’re paid well. Hope this article helped clear most of your doubts. If you know of other jobs that can add up to this list, please comment down below. Now go practise those skill sets and don’t forget to plan your next trip while doing so.

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