Colleges that look like Hogwarts

Colleges that look like Hogwarts

“I solemnly swear…….”

This is Rita Skeeter from The Daily Prophet, officially back in the Muggle world. But I've not come with empty hands. I bring with me, great news- All of you, Muggle-born who are eagerly waiting for your Hogwarts letter, the letters that were destroyed after the last battle of Hogwarts (tsk!) unfortunately. I bring you in collaboration with Dream Medicine Educon Pvt. Ltd. a list of 14 colleges that look like Hogwarts in your, what do you call it? The real world.

14 colleges that look like Hogwarts

Oxford University

Colleges that look like Hogwarts

This one has been a dream of many students across the globe anyways for its high quality of education, excellent faculty, job opportunities, etc. But what if, I tell you this university not only serves you academically but will also satiate your fictional curiosity? In the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry and other kids ascend a stone staircase to reach the Great Hall, a real Hall of Christ Church college. The moving staircase in the movies also lookalike the one at Oxford university giving you Hogwarts college real-life vibes.

University of Coimbra, Portugal

colleges that look like hogwarts

J.K. Rowling herself taught English for several years at the University of Coimbra in Porto, the second largest city in Portugal. The black robes in the University inspired what the students are supposed to wear in Hogwarts. So, this has to make a place in our list of colleges that look like Hogwarts.

Also, Portugal stands out to be one of the most interesting Best Places to Travel across the world!

University of Glasgow, Scotland

Colleges that look like Hogwarts

Near Kelvingrove Park, the gothic style of the University of Glasgow can be easily misunderstood as an actual Hogwarts building. The courtyard has an uncanny resemblance to the grounds where Harry first learned to fly his broomstick in the Sorcerer’s Stone. It is rumored that the actual shooting of the movies was done at the University of Glasgow. It may or may not be true but that’s no reason to not include this university in the list of colleges that look like Hogwarts.

Durham University

Colleges that look like Hogwarts

The cloister in Durham Cathedral, a covered walkway originally built for monks who would worship, exercise, and teach within the walls has an uncanny resemblance with the walkway Harry and his friends used to reach their classes at Hogwarts. Also, Durham University has been ranked 6th in the UK in the Sunday Times Good University Guide. The university’s castle and the cathedral have been designated as UNESCO world heritage sites. So, rightfully, it is listed here as the college that looks like Hogwarts.

University of Edinburgh