Companies that pay you to travel in 2023

Companies that pay you to travel

Oh! To travel and get paid for it? 

Now that’s a dream too good to be true. Right? False! Because the increase in the trends of travel influencers and social media marketing and the rise in the Tourism industry especially after the global pandemic has given rise to an opportunity to get paid for traveling. 

Companies that pay you to travel

A few years ago, people used to save for months and even years so that they can visit this one dream destination but now times have changed and so are the ways of traveling. Now people not only have yearly travel plans and bucket lists but they also get paid for promoting brands, shopping, or promoting products while traveling. 

Social media influencers get paid handsomely to visit and market the different lesser-known destinations on their Instagram and other social media platforms to promote the tourism and travel industry. 

Traveling can be an expensive endeavor, but with the emergence of companies that offer payment for travel in 2023, more people than ever are getting the chance to explore the world. These companies pay travelers a monthly rate in exchange for traveling and sharing their experiences on various platforms, such as blogs and social media. This provides travelers with the chance to make a living out of seeing new places, cultures, and landscapes. 

As well as earning from travel expenses and accommodation, these companies may provide perks including free flights or discounts on activities. With this job opportunity emerging around the world, it's easy to see why more and more individuals are choosing to take advantage of this exciting way to make money while seeing some incredible sights.

What are Travel bloggers? 

Travel bloggers are travelers that document the experience of their trips, through videos, pictures, blog writing, etc. They influence their audiences and followers on various social media platforms by sharing their trip experiences and giving reviews about destinations and travel brands and that’s how they get paid to travel the world

What are Travel writers/photographers?

Travel writers or photographers are specialists with degrees in travel journalism who often travel to attractive destinations to develop stories and photos for travel journalism. They are often employed by government bodies, media companies, magazines, and newspapers and channels. 

Companies that pay you to travel

People have a plethora of ways to get paid to travel especially travel influencers and bloggers learn how to get paid to travel on Instagram

  • Affiliate marketing (promoting other’s products)
  • Display advertising (placing ads in between content)
  • Sponsored posts (getting paid for reviewing and writing for products or services)
  • Selling products (beauty products or travel gadgets)
  • Offering courses or training, etc ( swimming courses while visiting islands)

The best companies that pay you to travel

Adventure Work: 

Adventure work is a company that offers paid travel opportunities with various job positions that include outdoor activity leader, Windsurfing instructor, Cycling Manager, etc. All these are considered to be among the most fun jobs for travel lovers. 

Companies that pay you to travel

The job has many perks that will let you experience adventure activities, pay for accommodation, and get a stipend. The duration of the job is also flexible according to the job position. 


If you are someone who has Germany and Spain on their bucket list and has good command over English language skills. Diverbo offers the opportunity to teach and improve the language skills of locals in Span and Germany. You’ll be expected to travel to native villages in the said countries and teach the English language to villagers. You can enjoy the local life of the people of Spain and Germany and experience exquisite cuisines, dinner parties and more hosted by your own students too. 

TopDeck Travel: 

At Topdeck Travel, you can work as a travel leader or guide for road trips anywhere from 4 days to 25 days duration for groups of people aged from 18 to 39. You can also work as a Chef and Driver. They offer a daily stipend or hourly wages, paid flights, and accommodation including meals, health insurance, etc. Thus, it is one of the most popular companies that pay you to travel.  

Go Blue: 

Go Blue offers job and paid travel opportunities as Spring Break Rep in the month of March assisting with check-ins, parties, concerts, and other events. This is a perfect job if you wish to travel to the Bahamas. Along with the weekly pay for the job, they also cover flight expenses, resort stay, and other expenses for a month long. 

STS Travel

You will get to work as a host for another company and get everything free of cost. It provides Spring Break packages for college students. You’ll get to live at an all-inclusive resort for a month, have free food and cruise trip, enjoy nightlife outings, and take people to events as part of the job. You’ll be stationed in Cabo, Cancun, or Punta Cana and will get paid to travel the world


Gradcity offers you the work as an onsite staff and live in a breathtaking destination, helping high school students have graduation trips in Mexico, the Bahamas, Hawaii, and more. You are supposed to welcome students and assist them in check-ins and scheduling, staff events, and customer service. 


You can travel to Cabo San Lucas for free if you’re a college student and wants to go on spring break vacation. All you need to do is spread the word about JusCollege at your campus. You’ll be provided a stay in an all-inclusive resort with unlimited food/alcohol. It will be even more beneficial if you are well-connected in a sorority or fraternity or sports team. 

One life Adventures: 

If you’ve experienced guiding trips then you can easily join One life adventures as a group leader that offers paid travel, with accommodation and travel expenses covered, building excellent itineraries in exciting destinations across Asia- Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia, Maldives, Japan, and India. 


It is quite similar to Topdeck, you are supposed to guide a group of something 18 to 30 people on road trips, and in exchange, you get paid along with flights covered, accommodation and food expenses covered, and avail discounted Contiki trips in other countries. However, you can only work as a guide to countries in which you have a passport. 

Stoke Travel: 

With Stoke Travel, become part of an awesome community of “stokies”, and help set up campsites and parties for Europe’s best festivals and get to attend them for free, free accommodation at the campsite, selective free meals, unlimited alcohol, year-round office jobs in Barcelona, and also make extra money by selling trips using promo codes. Your work will include guiding and as a welcome crew at Sail Croatia, setting up tents for guests, managing check-ins, etc.

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