10 Books That Can Change Your Life in 2023

Books That Can Change Your Life in 2023

Books have been part of human life for as long as you can remember. When was the first book produced and published? Since the dawn of time, books have provided insights, knowledge, ideas, perspective, inspired, and at times made us laugh and cry too. 

Books are a powerful tool that can transform our lives in several ways. Books are a getaway to live our fantasies through beautiful words and escape the struggles of our regular life; it is a way to entertain our hearts and minds. 

Reading can also improve our mental health by reducing stress, enhancing creativity, and promoting mindfulness.  

Today, we discuss 10 most fascinating books that can change your life

1. Wings of Fire by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and Arun Tiwari

Wings of Fire is an autobiography of Dr. Kalam, who was the President of India from 2002 to 2007. He is one of the most respected presidents and celebrated scientists in India. This book is a detailed account of Dr. Kalam’s early life, education, and career as a scientist and government official. The story revolves around the son of a little-educated boat owner from the beautiful town of Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu who grew up in poverty and struggles for education and a career in science and politics only to be awarded the highest civilian award of India, the Bharat Ratna (1997), the Padma Vibhusan (1990), the Padma Bhushan (1981).

The book perfectly describes his early life, education, and childhood memories from his own point of view and also from Arun Tiwari who contributed beautifully to curating this masterpiece bestseller in India and around the world. The story also reflects the state of independent India’s effort to achieve self-sufficiency in science and technology. It describes how India became the superpower that it is today in research and development, and the rise of Agni, Prithvi, Akash, Trishul, and Nag missiles that developed the nation as defensive autonomy.  

2. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable about Fulfilling Your Dreams and Reaching Your Destiny is a story of a successful but burned-out lawyer who suffers a heart attack that forces him to confront his lifestyle and purpose. This book is an inspiring tale of his journey of enlightened living. The story is simple to read and detailed in a way that provides an approach to living with balance, humility, courage, and abundance and creating a peaceful life full of passion and purpose. 

The book is translated into over 50 languages. It is appreciated and applauded around the world making it a bestseller among readers who seeks personal development and spiritual growth. 

3. Shrimad Bhagwat Gita:

The majority of us have heard of this sacred scripture, seen it in temples, and even in our homes but how many actually thought to let’s read it, and give it a try? Yes, it is a sacred book for people practicing Hinduism all over the world but if we go to the very basics of it- it is a self-help book. So, like Arjuna, the royal prince of Hastinapur achieved guidance, direction, purpose, and duty on the battlefield of Kurukshetra; you can also learn from this book. 

The Gita is a philosophic and insightful textual representation of the conversation between Lord Krishna and the warrior prince Arjuna that offers guidance on how to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. It discusses various themes such as dharma (righteousness), karma (action), yoga (union with the divine), and moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth and death). The Gita also explores the nature of the self and the universe and offers insights into the nature of God and the ultimate reality. It is a must-read for anyone and everyone even if you don’t practice Hinduism as a religion. 

4. The Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi:

The Shiva Trilogy is a series of three bestselling novels written by Indian author Amish Tripathi. The novels are titled "The Immortals of Meluha," "The Secret of the Nagas," and "The Oath of the Vayuputras." The trilogy is a work of historical fiction that reimagines the life of the Hindu deity Shiva and has been praised for its universal message of hope, love, and redemption and has become a popular choice for those seeking to deepen their understanding of life's deeper meaning.

The Shiva Trilogy has been widely acclaimed for its fresh take on Indian mythology and explores various themes such as love, friendship, politics, war, and spirituality. It has become a cultural phenomenon in India and has inspired many readers to explore the rich heritage of Indian mythology and spirituality.

5. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho:

The Alchemist is a story of a young shepherd named “Santiago” who fantasizes about discovering a treasure hidden in the Egyptian pyramids. His quest is led by a series of recurring dreams and a coincidental meeting with a mysterious alchemist that helps him discover the treasure far above what he could imagine. The novel is known for its themes of personal growth, spirituality, and the pursuit of one's dreams. It has become a modern classic, translated into numerous languages and inspiring readers around the world.

The Alchemist is a powerful reminder that if we have a dream and we put our heart and mind into fulfilling it, the universe also supports us and conspires it to reality. The novel emphasizes that we must have the courage to take risks and pursue our dreams, even when the path ahead is uncertain. The novel also emphasizes the importance of paying attention to the signs and omens that appear along the way. Santiago learns to read the language of the universe and interpret the messages that are meant for him. This teaches us that there is a deeper meaning and purpose to our lives and that we must be open and receptive to the signs and signals that guide us toward our destiny.

6. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee:

"To Kill a Mockingbird" has become a beloved classic of American literature, and is known for its powerful themes of justice, compassion, and empathy. It has been adapted into multiple films, plays, and other media, and continues to inspire readers around the world. It became a bestseller immediately after being published in 1960. In 1961, the book even won the Pulitzer Prize, and the movie adaption was applauded with Academy Award. 

7. How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This fabulous self-help book is a timeless must-read sold over 30 million copies in its initial years when it was published in 1936. The book provides practical advice and techniques for improving interpersonal relationships and achieving success in personal and business endeavors. Throughout the book, Carnegie emphasizes the importance of empathy, understanding, and communication in building strong and effective relationships. He provides numerous examples and anecdotes to illustrate his points, as well as practical exercises and tips for readers to apply in their own lives. 

Although, over the years it has received some backlash too, as people thought the concept of Dale Carnegie was to people pleasing and manipulation. However, it has proved fruitful to people who could figure out the balance in it. So, no matter what one must read this at least once. 

8. Sapiens: A brief history of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

"Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind" is a book written by Yuval Noah Harari, first published in Hebrew in 2011 and translated into English in 2014. The book provides a comprehensive summary of human history, from the emergence of Homo sapiens in Africa to the present day. Harari's main hypothesis is that the success of Homo sapiens as a species is due to our capacity to create and believe in shared myths and stories, such as religion, nationalism, and capitalism. 

The book is divided into four main parts, each focused on a different era of human history. These include the Cognitive Revolution, which saw the emergence of Homo sapiens and the development of language and culture; the Agricultural Revolution, which led to the rise of farming and settled societies; the Scientific Revolution, which brought about the birth of modern science and the Industrial Revolution; and finally, the present day, where Harari explores the challenges and opportunities facing humanity in the 21st century.

"Sapiens" has become a bestseller and a cultural phenomenon, inspiring readers around the world to think deeply about the nature of humanity and our place in the world. It has been praised for its sweeping scope, its accessible writing style, and its ability to provoke critical thinking and reflection.

9. Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It can help you find:

"Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find—and Keep—Love" is a self-help book by Rachel Heller and Amir Levine, first published in 2010. The book explores the science of adult attachment, which refers to the way we form emotional bonds and relationships with others based on our early experiences with caregivers. It has been praised for its accessible writing style and its ability to provide readers with a deeper understanding of their own attachment styles and the dynamics of their relationships. It has become a popular resource for individuals seeking to improve their emotional intelligence and build more satisfying relationships. By providing readers with a deeper understanding of attachment theory and practical strategies for improving relationships, the book empowers readers to take charge of their own emotional well-being and build more satisfying connections with others.

10. Love yourself like your life depends on It by Kamal Ravikant: 

"Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It" is a self-help book written by Kamal Ravikant, first published in 2012. The book provides a simple yet powerful approach to cultivating self-love and improving overall well-being. The author describes how he struggled with depression and despair until he stumbled upon a transformative practice of repeating the phrase "I love myself" to himself every day. He found that this simple act of self-love had a profound impact on his mental and emotional state, leading to greater happiness, fulfillment, and success in all areas of his life.

The book is written in a straightforward and accessible style, with a focus on practical advice and actionable steps that readers can take to improve their own lives. The author draws on personal anecdotes and experiences, as well as insights from his own journey of self-discovery, to provide a relatable and inspiring account of how self-love can transform one's life. He provides practical exercises and techniques for cultivating self-love, such as visualization, meditation, and self-affirmations. "Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It" has become a popular resource for individuals seeking to improve their self-esteem and overall well-being. It has been praised for its simplicity, accessibility, and powerful message of self-love and self-acceptance. 


This concludes our list of books that can change your life. Hope you’ll find it interesting and keep at least one of them as your next read. Although everyone has their own taste and liking when it comes to the books we read. So, we have tried our best to present variety in this list. However, feel free to suggest your favorite book in the comments down below. 

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