Career options after studying MBBS abroad

Career options after studying MBBS abroad

MBBS degree is a medical degree that stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, and it's one of the most sought-after degrees in the world. Why? Because it opens up a plethora of opportunities in the field of medicine, including becoming a doctor or surgeon. 

Today, we discuss the varied career options after studying MBBS Abroad that medical aspirants can plan out for an outstanding career.

Career options after studying MBBS abroad

Studying MBBS abroad has plenty of benefits for the students as it provides them with ample opportunities such as global exposure, high-quality education, practical training and medical practices, internships in renowned hospitals, affordable fees, skilled faculty, etc. 

Apart from that, with the increasing demand for skilled and experienced medical practitioners across the globe, studying MBBS abroad helps students open up a plethora of opportunities that were not accessible a decade ago. 

One of the most prevalent career tracks for MBBS graduates is to pursue post graduation in their desired field of specialisation. This can direct students to a career as a specialist doctor, surgeon, or researcher. Additionally, MBBS graduates can also opt for a career in public health, healthcare management, or medical education.

By studying MBBS abroad, students can pursue some of the most popular career paths as specialist medical practitioners or doctors, surgeons, or researchers

Further, students can also opt for a career in public health by working as a general physician, or specialist in a government-owned hospital, etc. This career choice can be fulfilling, as it allows doctors to work closely with patients and provide personalised care making it a lucrative career option.

Similarly, MBBS graduates can also explore opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, medical writing, or medical tourism. These fields offer a striking perspective on the healthcare industry and can be a great method to employ one's medical understanding and talents.

To obtain an MBBS degree, students must generally complete five years of medical coursework and clinical rotations at a medical school accredited by the country's governing body. 

During their academic year, students can learn about different topics of medicine, such as anatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology, and pathology

Once they graduate with their MBBS degree, physicians are then required to complete additional training through residency programs to sharpen their skills even further. 

Overall, an MBBS degree is a relentless and rewarding path to take for those passionate about the healthcare industry and who want to make a difference in people's lives by providing them access to quality healthcare and medical services. 

Top career options after studying MBBS abroad

  • Medical practice as a physician: 

As a physician, a medical practice can contain a broad range of duties and responsibilities. From diagnosis to treatment and ongoing patient care, being a doctor is all about helping people stay healthy and managing any health concerns that may arise. 

Career options after studying MBBS abroad

Whether it's prescribing medication, post-surgery care, or conducting routine check-ups, physicians must remain up-to-date with the latest research and best practices in their areas of expertise. 

A successful physician also knows how to communicate effectively with patients and other healthcare professionals to ensure that everyone is working towards a common goal - good health. 

However, becoming a doctor requires comprehensive training and in-depth medical education which can be both challenging and rewarding. 

Ultimately, medical practice as a physician is incredibly rewarding because you get the opportunity to interact with people and work closely with patients to provide them with personalised care as well as gain experience and knowledge by collaborating with other medical experts on major medical cases. 

  • Specialisation in various medical fields: 

Specialisation in various medical fields has become increasingly prevalent over the years as a prominent career option after studying MBBS abroad

With improvements in technology and medical research, students can focus on specific areas of medicine and become experts in their fields after studying MBBS abroad. 

This helps students to achieve specialisation and become specialised medical experts in their chosen field of specialisation from a general physician. This also allows for more efficient and effective treatment options for patients. 

Some standard specialisations in the field of medical science include cardiology, oncology, neurology, paediatrics, and many more. Each specialisation in medicine requires additional training and education beyond medical school but ultimately leads to a more fulfilling career as a doctor. For this, students are required to apply for post graduation programs such as MD/MS in a reputed medical university abroad or in a domestic country. 

Overall, specialisation enables doctors to provide better care for their patients while also finding satisfaction in their careers by focusing on a specific area of medicine that they are passionate about.

  • Research and academic opportunities: 

If you've completed your MBBS abroad, pursuing academic and research opportunities after completing your MBBS degree abroad can be extremely advantageous. 

Career options after studying MBBS abroad

Opportunities for medical research are extensive, and there is increasing demand for healthcare professionals who also hone the skills of conducting scientific studies to identify new treatments, diagnoses, and therapies. 

You could explore various fields such as epidemiology, neurology, or pharmacology. 

Also, an MBBS degree from abroad helps students to gain perspectives on global health trends and apply their knowledge through forums like international conferences or seminars of institutions in India or back in the country they studied at. 

Overall, the experience, as well as exposure gained through these academic opportunities, plays a vital role in providing direction to developing medical researchers and assisting them in advancing their careers.

  • Public health and policy roles: 

One could work for governmental or non-governmental organisations in various capacities and hence, working as a public health officer or epidemiologist, helping to implement policies aimed at improving the overall health of populations can be a great career option after studying MBBS abroad. 

Additionally, students can also work as medical consultants advising private or public organisations on how to respond to public health emergencies or develop effective policy strategies efficiently and effectively. 

Whatever path one may choose, having an MBBS degree allows students to impact people's lives from both a clinical and policy perspective and play a critical role in shaping healthcare systems around the world.

  • Healthcare management and administration positions: 

One career option after studying MBBS abroad that stands out a lot these days is healthcare management and administration for medical graduates. The demand for effective healthcare managers and administrators is on the rise worldwide. 

Graduates with a background in medicine are believed to possess a unique sense of healthcare delivery systems, which makes them stand out in this field. 

Healthcare administration requires people with robust communication skills, planning abilities, leadership expertise, team-building capabilities, financial understanding of healthcare operations, and legal knowledge. 

As a medical professional with a global perspective and improved clinical proficiency acquired from studying abroad, one can utilise their skills to progress their way up the career ladder rapidly. 

They may work in various capacities like hospital executives, health services directors, or wellness centre managers depending on their interests and skill sets. 

Overall, pursuing healthcare management after an MBBS degree can open up multiple prospects beyond clinical practice for upcoming graduates making it an attractive option to consider. 

  • International medical missions and volunteer work: 

Medical graduates who have completed their MBBS degree from abroad have the opportunity to participate in international medical missions and volunteer work abroad. 

Career options after studying MBBS abroad

These experiences provide valuable opportunities to gain practical experience, expand their knowledge, and make a positive impact on the lives of people in need which could be great in opting for the correct career options after studying MBBS abroad

International medical missions mean travelling to different countries to deliver medical care to underprivileged communities. This can include performing surgeries, providing vaccinations, and treating illnesses. 

Medical professionals who participate in these missions have the opportunity to work alongside other healthcare professionals from around the world, learn about different cultures, and acquire a deeper understanding of global health issues. 

Volunteering abroad after MBBS is another way for medical professionals to gain valuable experience and make a difference in the world. This can involve working in hospitals, clinics, or community health centers in developing countries. 

Medical experts can provide care to patients, assist with public health initiatives, and work on research projects making it an excellent career option after studying MBBS abroad.

  • Non-medical career options with an MBBS degree: 

One field that is growing in demand is medical writing and research which can be a great career option after studying MBBS abroad

Medical writing involves creating documents such as research papers, clinical trial reports, and regulatory documents. This field requires excellent writing skills and a strong understanding of medical terminology and research methods. 

Research, on the other hand, involves conducting studies and experiments to advance medical knowledge and improve patient care. 

This field requires a strong foundation in scientific principles and research methodology. 

By pursuing a career in medical writing or research, you can contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge and help improve patient outcomes. 

  • Medical educator after MBBS abroad: 

Career options after studying MBBS abroad

Medical teaching is a critical aspect of the healthcare industry, and following it after studying MBBS abroad can open up a world of opportunities. 

Medical teaching is a highly respected profession that requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise. As a medical teacher, you will be responsible for educating and training the next generation of doctors and healthcare professionals. 

This is a demanding and rewarding career option after studying MBBS abroad. In India, you’ve to crack NET-JRF with qualifying marks in order to become a medical professor or lecturer in a reputed medical university. 

Likewise, students can also opt for working as clinical instructors who are responsible for supervising and guiding students as they work with patients.


Doesn’t matter which career path you choose, an MBBS degree from abroad can open up many opportunities for students. 

With hard work and dedication, students can make a difference in the lives of patients and contribute to the advancement of medical science even if they opt for career options after studying abroad that are not too mainstream such as medical writing or research.

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