Hacks to Manage your Budget while Travelling

Hacks to Manage your Budget while Travelling

Ever wondered how those travel enthusiasts and bloggers on social media get to travel so much and explore so many places in and outside of India here, you are, who can’t even finalise your Goa vacation for the last five years. 

Fret not, because this blog has some exciting hacks from hotel bookings, and travel finance to transportation and upgrading to eating at the best places possible on a reasonable budget. This blog will help you understand how your favourite travel bloggers stay on budget while travelling. 

Hacks to Manage your Budget While Travelling

Add “value” to your travel goals

Hacks to Manage your Budget while Travelling

Have you ever experienced coming back home after a nice vacation with lots of cute stuff and souvenirs and then realised that you don’t really need those things? Well, you’re not alone; we’ve all been there at some point of time in our lives. 

So, it’s essential to add value to your travel goal. If you wish to simply shop and chill on your vacation, by all means, do it. But if you want to travel to as many places as possible and make memories then it's better you should simply buy less. 

Do not find value in souvenirs but in memories

Pack light

Hacks to Manage your Budget while Travelling

Roll your sleeves rather than folding them and use similar hacks to create space in your luggage. This will not only prevent any wrinkles or creases but also help you prevent extra charges at airports due to overloading even before the trip has started and help you stay on your budget while travelling.

Off-season we go!

Hacks to Manage your Budget while Travelling

Off-season equals low prices and less crowd which is a win-win situation. It will not only help your pocket but will also help you experience the beauty and culture of the place you visit in a peaceful manner. Most travel bloggers travel during the off-season because it helps them not only to stay within their budget but also helps them save time to explore the place more peacefully, take good pictures, and experience everyday life. 

Inform your Bank

Inform your bank about your travel plans beforehand and ask them to arrange unlimited ATM withdrawals if your financial status allows it. You can also opt for travel loans with reasonable personal loan interest rates. Plan daily limitations for expenses while travelling and take debit/credit cards. Check your ATM status as well as exchange rates properly. Keep a stash of cash at different places in small amounts for emergency purposes. 

Book your flights smartly

Flights are cheaper on Tuesdays at midnight and more expensive on Friday nights. Use VPN from another country to save big when booking flights. The cheapest day to depart is Wednesday. The cheapest days to return for domestic flights are Tuesday and Wednesday for international flights. Prices are typically the lowest rate around six weeks before departure. 


Hacks to Manage your Budget while Travelling

Proper planning of your activities and booking in advance will not only save you time and money but also reward you with cashback and discounts. If you’re travelling solo or in small groups, consider staying in homestays, hostels, Airbnb, or dorms rather than expensive motels.


Hacks to Manage your Budget while Travelling

Public transport for the win. There is no better option to explore a place than to use their public transportation which is way cheaper than the booked cabs, Ola, or Uber services. Try renting two-wheelers or cars if you have a driving licence and download local maps to easily navigate the place. 

Food & Drinks

Hacks to Manage your Budget while Travelling

Heavy lunch and light dinner. A lot of restaurants and food places offer similar menus for lunch and dinner. So, try having multi-course lunches rather than fancy dinners that are usually cheaper. Instead of going to high-end restaurants for all your meals of the day, try visiting the local supermarket. You’re not only going to save money but will also get to experience local life. Drink responsibly: One mistake, a lot of us are guilty of.

While everyone wants to gain the most of their holiday travel plans within their budget, most people often end up broke or go into a financial crisis pit and it takes a few months to recover from it. 

How about we tell you ways to save money, especially on foreign trips?

  • Look for offers and upgrades: There is absolutely no shame in asking for discount offers and upgrades while checking in hotels or your choice of accommodations. Many places also offer special discounts to students if you show them your student ID or Visa. 
  • Travel to places where the domestic currency of your country is acceptable or the domestic currency is of higher value. 
  • Reach early and buy tickets from the standing queue for movies, plays, or operas, you’ll get cheaper deals this way. 
  • Many museums and art galleries have “open to all” days and have free admission once in a while. Plan such trips accordingly. 
  • Talk to locals, and befriend the barista; they’ll tell you cheaper alternatives and better deals. 

Some countries to visit from India that won’t burden your pockets- 

Here are a few affordable countries to visit from India for your next budget travel with friends, family or solo :-

Hacks to Manage your Budget while Travelling


Flight expenses:<₹20,000/-

Stay expenses:<₹4,000/- per day


Flight expenses:<₹15,000/-

Stay expenses:<₹3,000/- per day


Travel by road from Kolkata and Siliguri

Stay expenses:<₹2,000/- per day

Sri Lanka

Flight expenses:<₹20,000/-

Stay expenses:<₹2,000/- per day


Flight expenses:<₹33,000/-

Stay expenses:<₹2,000/- per day


Flight expenses:<₹25,000/-

Stay expenses:<₹3,500/- per day

We hope this blog helped you get a picture of how to stay on a budget while travelling and save money as well. Now, what are you waiting for? Go pack your bags quickly and make a trip to your dream destination on a budget. And if you need further information on your travel plans, comment down below or contact our team at Dream Medicine Educon Pvt. Ltd. 

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