Tips to improve your mock test scores

Tips to improve your mock test scores

Low Mock Scores? Get tips to improve your mock test scores in this blog such as creating study guides or questions to quiz yourself, set manageable goals, take regular breaks, etc.

You’ve your concepts clear, topics and syllabus covered, but mock tests? Well, that’s a hindrance. You are not satisfied with your mock scores. You’re not getting the scores that you expected to achieve. 

This makes you worry and demotivates you every time you think of attempting another mock test. 

Tips to improve your mock test scores

When a toddler learns to walk, he or she may fall, feel tired, and winded several times but it is a determination that makes them learn to walk and even run after a while. 

The same goes for NEET aspirants as well, not scoring well in mock tests is part of the process. 

So, you don’t need to feel dejected by poor scores in mock tests. In fact, change your outlook and take it as a challenge or opportunity to improve your mock test scores. 

Not being satisfied with your mock test scores is natural for NEET aspirants as if you score 80, you’ll desire to achieve 100 but if you have scored 100, you will surely want to achieve 150. 

So, don’t just measure your improvement in quantifiable form but also focus on quality, accuracy, and speed. Focus your attention on input rather than output and it will make you feel more positive about your NEET preparation

Analyze how many questions you have solved on a particular topic. Mark those topics as your strong points and always attempt to maintain that result consistently. Analyze the lesser number of questions you could solve on certain topics. 

Learn the topics again from the basics, pick up your 12th-grade NCERT books and revise previous notes on those topics to improve your mock test scores. 

However, you need to understand that the exam pattern and questions in the NEET exam are different from the questions you solved in classes or board exams. So, understand the exam pattern thoroughly and attempt those questions or topics in mock tests that have the possibility of coming in the exam more.

Tips to improve your mock test scores

Tips to improve your mock test scores

Analyze your test properly: 

There will be no possibility of improvement if you just keep attempting mock test after mock test without analyzing your mistakes and attempting to make it better. So, take a thorough analysis of each and every mock test you attempt. Make time for this on your schedule specifically. 

Tally your answers with the solutions given:

Once you’re done with your test, you should compare your answers with the solutions given and check the accuracy and quality of your answer. 

Review the right answers: 

Review the positive aspects first, it will help you boost your confidence to face the wrong answers later. Check all the questions you’ve strong command of, analyze the right answers, compare them with the solutions and see if you would have answered them even better. 

The numerical questions should be carefully analyzed and check the step-by-step methods of solving the equations. This method will improve your analytical skills and also help you be more transparent in your process to prepare for the NEET exam. 

Introspect the wrong answers:

Tips to improve your mock test scores

Analyzing the number of wrong answers and why it was wrong is very important to improve your mock test scores. Sometimes medical aspirants become overconfident or make careless mistakes in spite of knowing the right answers. Students should acknowledge that sometimes wrong answers happen not because of their lack of knowledge but sincerity. 

Know how to skip questions properly: 

There will always be questions that you’ll leave un-attempted but knowing how to do it the right way is important. Always go through the entire test first and figure out the questions you can easily solve; attempt them first then attempt questions that you take some time to solve and finally attempt questions you’re doubtful about. Remember not to unnecessarily attempt questions you’ve absolutely no idea about because attempting such questions will do you more harm than leaving them. So, attempt only if you’ve slight confidence in solving it and try to attempt those first that carry more marks if you’ve time at all. 

Note down your mistakes separately: 

Tips to improve your mock test scores

Make a separate notebook for keeping track of your mistakes. Ensure that you’ve not made the same mistake twice and analyze derivation if any in the process of improving on those mistakes mentioned in your notes. 


These are a few tips that were helpful to NEET toppers in former NEET exams. Hopefully, it will be beneficial for your NEET 2023 preparation. 

Just make sure you stay consistent, study regularly, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes unless you’re willing to keep on improving and thriving. 

Finally, if you have any more tips that you would like to share. Comment down below and you can also contact our Dream Medicine Educon team for any further queries or suggestions regarding NEET 2023 preparation. 

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