Tips to Prepare for 2023 NEET Biology

Tips to Prepare for 2023 NEET Biology

Biology is an important subject for NEET aspirants as a lot of its syllabus includes chapters, concepts, and topics that will help you further in your medical career. 



Hence, it is important to understand Biology like the back of your hand not only to crack the NEET-UG exam but also to become a skilled and qualified doctor in the future. So, our team of expert educators has curated the following tips for NEET 2023 Biology preparations

Study your weakest topics for at least 30 minutes every day. This will help you build confidence to study further. 

Focus on high-weightage questions

Start studying topics with the highest weightage mark first followed by lesser marks weightage then go to topics that are more likely to come in MCQs and short-answer format for at least 30 minutes every day. This will help you get maximum marks in exams and score well.

Start with easy topics/chapters


Tips to Prepare for 2023 NEET Biology


Always start preparing your exams with the easiest chapters or topics first because it helps students build momentum and encourages them to study more difficult chapters. 

Create Pre-class routine 

If you’re attending online classes or coaching classes; read chapters or topics prior to attending your classes which are likely to be taught in the class that day.

Watch Youtube/lecture videos

You can watch videos of study tubers on Youtuber that make vlogs while studying, share exam tips and tricks, and ASMRs. You can study along with them to avoid distraction and boredom.

Make hand-written notes

Make notes after going through each chapter and topic to test how much information you’ve retained. 

Use narration method


Tips to Prepare for 2023 NEET Biology


Imagine you’re teaching or explaining the concepts to someone else. This is one of the best methods to understand any topic in-depth. You can also teach a friend if you are studying in a group.

Record your voice while narrating the topics 

Record your voice or audio explaining the concepts loudly in your room and listen to it on repeat and keep recalling while revision time. 

Read it aloud repeatedly

Read it aloud 5 times, repeat it without looking at your notes, and if you’re lacking somewhere, write it 5 times too. 

Flashcards to the rescue

Flashcards help you learn in flash. Make flashcards for short topics, definitions, word-meaning, important terms, diagrams, etc.

Practice MCQs for each topic

After preparing or completing a chapter, google 15 to 20 MCQs for each subtopic and around 100-150 MCQs for each chapter in Biology. Solve them in the stipulated time. Check your progress and improve on mistakes by revising those topics for at least 30 minutes. 

Make a To-do list

Have a to-do list for each day separate from your timetable. Your to-do list should be such that it is flexible but shouldn’t interfere with your main timetable. 

Teach yourself to retain information better


Tips to Prepare for 2023 NEET Biology


When you read a paragraph on a new topic, close the book or look away and try to recall what you’ve learned and explain the concept to yourself, note down follow-up questions to ask your mentor or teachers later. 

Build proper momentum

Don’t start studying for 16 hours straight. Instead, try to build momentum by starting with 2-4 hours regularly and then adding the hours periodically.

Focus on other productive activities 

Include other productive habits in your schedule too like exercising for 30 minutes, reading a newspaper, writing a journal, playing a sport, etc to keep yourself physically and mentally fit.

Have enough sleep

This one is very important because aspirants often ignore the power of good sleep. Students often due to lack of time management can’t complete their syllabus in time and thus, sacrifice sleep. 

A large part of the Biology syllabus includes diagrams, practical explanations, objective questions, scientific names, lab work, etc so instead of trying to mug up everything, understand the content in an efficient manner. 

Focus on understanding the basics properly. Pick your NCERT books for 11th and 12th grade and revise your old school notes to get a better understanding of the concepts. 


Tips to Prepare for 2023 NEET Biology


Start early: Start preparing for the NEET-UG exam from the 11th standard sincerely along with your school curriculum. This way you can have a strong hold on basics. You can also ask your teachers and professors for help to clear your doubts or explain difficult chapters. 

That’s all for the tips for NEET 2023 Biology preparations. Implement these strategies and tips for NEET 2023 Biology to effectively prepare the said subject to score good marks. You can also take help from side books apart from NCERT books such as-

  • SC Verma Biology books
  • Dinesh Objective Biology
  • Biology by GRB Bathla’s Publications
  • Trueman’s Biology- Vol1 and Vol2 
  • Biology books by Pradeep’s publications. 

Adopt these strategies and score a perfect 360 in NEET Biology. For further information, you can contact our Dream Medicine team or comment down below if you’ve any tips to share yourself. 

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