Can AI completely remove humans? 


AI is basically outlined to substitute manual labor with a quicker and more effective way of doing work. Well, read the blog till the very end to know the complete information about AI and its effectiveness. 



AI or artificial intelligence is a field that potent the sub-fields of deep learning and machine learning by being immensely valuable in the workplace. But still, AI cannot overcome the requirement of humans in the workspace. Basically, it joins both strong datasets and computer science together to solve problems. Artificial intelligence usually means synthesizing, perceiving, and deducing information which includes computer vision and speech recognition. Employees these days kinda fear losing their jobs and think that these automatic processes and technologies that make our work easier, more effective, and faster can easily replace them. 


“AI is better but managing world problems through human intelligence is much better.”


Humans can communicate well than artificial intelligence and AI is unable to innovate in business so businesses always rely on fresh ideas which humans can provide much better. In today’s labor market, people think that AI can easily decrease the rapid growth of employers but at the time AI just only ‘thinks’ in terms of training data. Humans always have handed over artificial information. It is true that AI is less time-consuming and can perform everyday tasks with much expertise but if talking about replacing humans then the answer is simply, a big noooo! 



Types of AI


AI provides computer programs with the ability to think and discover on their own and assume human intelligence as machine-based. Generally, there are three types of AI on the basis of their capabilities. 


  • The first of them is weak AI that only focuses on one task and basically, it cannot act beyond its limitations. 
  • Second of them is the strong AI that can understand and learn any intelligent tasks.
  • Lastly, there is super AI that tends to catch human intelligence. 


Reasons why AI cannot replace humans


In 2013, a study found out that 47% of the US jobs will be replaced by AI in the coming 20 years but the prediction seems to have been wrong. 


  • Deficiency of emotional intelligence 


It is one of the specific factors that make humans always applicable in the workspace and its importance cannot be changed while dealing with clients. AI can just mimic humans it cannot have a deep level of understanding as humans have as a machine it cannot feel pain and suffering.  A machine cannot achieve the level of connection that a human can. Machines are well-programmed to respond so nicely to humans that humans can develop strong emotions with these machines and both of them connecting with each other can make the business grow more and more. 



  • Lack of soft skills 


Soft skill is a thing that each and every worker have including attention to detail, teamwork, creative thinking, better communication, and interpersonal skills but in every industry one must have to develop them professionally. These are the demanded skills in every company. As a human, we are taught that developing these skills is very valuable for a person. AI doesn’t have the tendency to develop these soft skills because developing these skills requires a high amount of emotional intelligence. 


  • It is the humans that make AI work 


Very well said by someone that there is no artificial intelligence without a human’s intelligence. It is human that has made artificial intelligence. The term artificial intelligence itself means that there is no artificial intelligence without any human intelligence because the code from which AI is developed is written by humans. All the data that AI operates is written by humans and it is the human that make and use these machines. So overall one can boldly dismiss the fact that in the future AI will override any human because if AI will continue to grow human services will too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


  • AI works with inputted data 


Artificial technology usually functions and perceives knowledge as it is being functioned. AI can not function more than inputted data and the human’s brain power and reasoning to create, develop, analyze, improvise, and gather information can never be replaced by artificial technology. If a person fears that AI may eliminate the demand for human skills then you can get assured that it won’t happen, it's just a human myth. 


  • AI’S creativity is limited to the received data 


Employers must be aware of the fact that creativity is very important in the workspace. Creativity offers a sensation of something that is very different from repetitive actions on which the AI functions. It is defined as the tendency to generate new ideas that make things more useful and generates a tendency to solve problems. Creativity is regarded as the ability to think outside of the box whereas AI is well-designed to work inside the box. These tools can work within the instructed data. AI badly lacks this human capability and works within restricted templates. 


Advantages of Artificial Intelligence 


  • It reduces human errors and increases its accuracy. 


  • Humans can overcome many risks by providing accurate work.


  • AI is available 24*7 and can even handle general repetitive jobs very easily and have the availability to think much faster than humans. 


  • Humans need breaks after continuously working for about 3 to 4 hours whereas artificial intelligence can work continuously without breaks. 


  • AI is driven by unbiased decisions is very rational in approach and ensures accurate decisions other than humans which are full of emotions. 


  • If a person does the same thing as a part of our daily chores, then it may get boring, and with the help of artificial intelligence, we can automate these tasks more efficiently. 


Concluding I must say that one must learn to work with artificial information and not fear it. Just stay updated with the latest trends and try to be creative and innovative. As artificial intelligence is gaining big ground in the workplace but the increase in the workplace will also increase the demand for many new job roles for human beings. Just always ensure that it does not get out of hand. 


“The development of artificial intelligence can never spell the finish of the human race.”


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