Top 10 Countries to Study MBBS Abroad

Countries to Study MBBS Abroad

Studying MBBS abroad can be a life-changing experience for any medical aspirant given they are aware of all the ins and outs of studying MBBS abroad, choosing the right university that caters to all your needs that too in your budget, avail the right kind of accommodation and living conditions, have sure short understanding of what career opportunities are available after MBBS, etc. Pursuing MBBS abroad has plenty of benefits from gaining international exposure, experiencing different healthcare systems, and developing cross-cultural communication skills. 

Students must gather information regarding the best countries to study MBBS abroad. For that students should analyze the socioeconomic factors, culture, environment, language, accreditation, and recognition of the university, and the country’s medical council. Apart from that, students must look for ideal accommodation and living conditions in the country they wish to study MBBS. 

Once you’re done with it, students must research the application process to get admission to MBBS program in a reputed medical institution.  One must also be mindful of the necessary documentation and paperwork that are compulsory for a smooth admission process and flying to a foreign country to study MBBS. 

Hence, we have listed some of the best countries to study MBBS abroad in this blog. We’ll discuss everything you need to know as a student about every country listed below that offers a recognized MBBS degree abroad. 

Criteria for selecting a country to study MBBS: 

Any student who wishes to study MBBS abroad is applying with the hope of getting a world-class education system and top-notch faculty and curriculum. Hence, the highest priority should always be the quality of education. Secondly, students must ensure the credibility of the medical university they’re choosing and the scope of recognition and opportunities the degree of MBBS from that particular university will provide. In other words, students must be mindful of the regulatory bodies of the university they’re opting for. Apart from that, the medium of education, duration, career opportunities, living arrangements, etc also plays a great role in deciding which country is the best to study MBBS abroad which is further explained below: 

  • Accreditation and recognition of medical universities: 

We cannot emphasize the importance of accreditation and recognition of medical universities enough. The recognition of the university indicates the quality standards of the education. The students who attend an accredited college have an edge over other competitors as the degree has higher credibility, and goodwill and opens doors easily that may otherwise not be possible. 

  • Language of instruction and proficiency requirements: 

Students must ensure that the medium of education is either in English or the language they’re familiar with. Some universities also offer language classes in their MBBS curriculum to help students familiarize themselves with the local language. 

Students must create their budget while keeping in mind these attributes such as the living expenses, cost of education, any scholarships or awards in favor of the students, travel costs, day-to-day expenses, and rent or other accommodation charges. 

We all know that MBBS is not an easy study program to excel at, in any manner. The syllabus and curriculum are lengthy and vast. There is so much competition to excel in the study program, network with alumni, colleagues, friends, and professors, look for future opportunities and adjust to the new environment and explore the place and culture alongside. And above all, it will daunting for students to stress about finances. Hence, fortunately, there are tons of opportunities to earn scholarships- from universities, private entities, and the government.

  • Availability of clinical training opportunities: 

Students must check for the availability of clinical rotation opportunities. Many universities collaborate with reputed hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and clinics to provide students with practical training and shadowing opportunities. Also, universities provide online modules and simulation classes which help students experience real-life medical case scenarios and come up with solutions that may be helpful in the future. 

  • Quality of healthcare system and patient exposure: 

Students must understand that if the quality of the healthcare system will be top-notch in the country they’re planning to study then as amateurs there will be fewer chances of accidents, mistakes, or errors by the students during their clinical rotation or practical training as one mistake might even cost a patient their lives. 

  • Safety and security for international students: 


The reputed medical universities ensure the safety and security of international students. They have local police and security guards patrolling the campus often and restrict and monitor the entrance of any unauthorized person into the academic buildings and dormitories. There are also departments within the university grounds that look out for crimes like bullying, physical and verbal violence, eve-teasing, and communities that spread awareness to ensure good campus and university life.

  • Cultural fit and social life: 

Students should look out for opportunities to explore the culture, traditions, people, and food of the country they’ve decided to study in. The opportunity to travel around the world and get out of your comfort zone is one of the major reasons why people decide to shift abroad to study MBBS. 

  • Career prospects and job opportunities after graduation: 

Students who are pursuing MBBS abroad must know what is in store for them after they complete their graduation. They can choose a promising career in clinical practice, research, academia, or even hospital management and medical writing. Career opportunities in clinical practice include general practice, surgery, emergency medicine, and more. 

  • Visa requirements and ease of obtaining residency or citizenship: 

The ease of obtaining a student visa and residency can differ from country to country. Some countries have relaxing procedures for residency permits and application processes for student visas while others may have complex standards. Thus, students must be well aware of all these formalities and research thoroughly to not miss out on anything that may cause them trouble with their admission process later. If the students want to obtain their student visa in time so that there is no hindrance at the time of admission then students will need to give proof of enrollment, the financial status of the family, and health insurance, as well as undergo a medical exam and a criminal background check to prove that your intention to visit the foreign country is in good faith to the relevant authorities. 

Top 10 best countries to study MBBS abroad:

  • MBBS in CHINA: 

China is well-known for its affordable tuition fees for studying MBBS abroad compared to its western alternatives. The medical universities in China offer quality medical education and training and due preference is given to research and development in the field of medicine along with advanced infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities. 

A medical degree obtained from a reputed medical university is accredited and recognized by NMC, WHO, WDOMS, FAIMER, etc which later provides students with promising career opportunities after graduation. Medical aspirants who are fascinated by East-Asian culture, tradition, and food can opt for studying MBBS in China as the university also offers additional language classes in their curriculum apart from teaching the course in English; Students can enhance their communication skills by learning Mandarin. Overall, China can prove to be a great option for studying abroad as it is one of the best countries to study MBBS abroad. 

University Name

2021 QS World University Rankings

Peking University - Medical Sciences

Ranked 16

Fudan University

Ranked 31

Shanghai Jiao Tong University 

Ranked 34

Wuhan University- Clinical medicine

Ranked 67

Zhejiang University - Medicine 

Ranked 44


If you’re a medical aspirant, you must have come across at least one person among your colleagues or friends who has flown down to Russia to study MBBS or you must have heard how Russia is a great place to study MBBS abroad. The medical universities in Russia have a reputation to provide a top-tier medical education system that gives due significance to the role of research and innovation in modern technology in the field of medicine. The country has established itself as a major player on global medical platforms such that it is known to produce some of the most notable personalities in the medical industry. 

Overall, MBBS in Russia is a perfect destination for medical aspirants due to its world-class education system, advanced infrastructure, and career opportunities as well as the country providing global exposure with its rich cultural heritage and inclusive environment. 

University Name

2021 QS World University Rankings

Saint Petersburg State University

Ranked 80

Moscow State Medical University

Ranked 37

Kazan Federal University - Medicine

Ranked 101-150

Novosibirsk State University - Medicine

Ranked 151-200



Ukraine is no doubt the most popular among medicos for studying MBBS abroad destination because, despite their political concerns with Russia, the Ukrainian government has maintained its quality of education, especially in the field of medicine offering top-tier curriculum, training facilities, standardized syllabus, and further career opportunities. 

University Name 

2021 QS World University Rankings

Kharkiv National Medical University

Ranked 601-650

Bogomolets National Medical University

Ranked 401-450

Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University

Ranked 701-750



The Philippines share cultural similarities with several other Asian countries making it convenient for international students to adapt to the new country, its culture, and its people easily. Medical universities majorly offer a medium of education in English so that international students who are not fluent in Filipino don’t find it difficult to grasp the concepts and training provided to them. The universities also offer affordable fee structures in MBBS programs, quality education, and clinical practice.

Medical universities are not commonly included in international rankings that’s why these universities may be less known but they are at par with international counterparts when it comes to global recognition and quality of education. 


MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is relatively affordable for international students. If students have a financial crunch then Kyrgyzstan can prove to be a great option as they offer a well-rounded education, opportunities for hands-on clinical exposure, rich cultural heritage, comprehensive curriculum so that students can achieve their academic goals. 

Name of the University

Tuition fees/ per year



Osh State University

₹ 2,89,100/-

₹ 66,080/-

Jalalabad Medical University

₹ 3,71,700/-


Asian Medical Institute

₹ 4,54,500/-

₹ 70,210/-

Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University

₹ 2,47,800/-

₹ 41,300/-

International School of Medicine


₹ 61,950/-

IMI Academy of Bishkek

₹ 3,30,400/-

₹ 43,080/-



MBBS in Kazakhstan is another great country to study MBBS abroad as several medical universities are recognized by National Medical Commission (NMC), and World Health Organization (WHO). The university has become an extremely popular destination for studying MBBS abroad because it offers world-class medical education at an affordable cost. The medium of education is in English to attract more and more international students. Apart from that, campus life is engrossed in a diverse cultural environment giving students a promising student life. 

University Name

Tuition Fees (₹)

Hostel fees (₹)

Al Farabi Kazakh National University

₹ 3,71,000

₹ 70,000

Kazakh National Medical University

₹ 3,50,000

₹ 56,000

Semey Medical University

₹ 3,64,000

₹ 65,000

Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Education

₹ 3,15,000

₹ 42,000

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

₹ 3,50,000

₹ 56,000



Many Indian students opt for MBBS in Georgia since the admission requirements are less strict and comparatively more comfortable. Their curriculum is designed to provide a strong foundation in both theoretical and practical aspects of medicine. Medical aspirants also have the option to explore various types of scholarships or financial aid programs to cover their tuition fees. So, if you're looking for affordable and top-quality medical studies in a friendly environment, doing an MBBS in Georgia is well worth exploring further.

University Name 

Tuition Fees (₹)

Hostel Fees (₹)

Tbilisi State Medical University

₹ 5,94,000

₹ 40,000

European University

₹ 3,50,000

₹ 1,75,000

Georgian National University (SEU)

₹ 3,85,000

₹ 1,65,000

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

₹ 2,80,000

₹ 1,65,000


  • MBBS in Bangladesh: 

The medical universities in Bangladesh offer a 5-year MBBS program. It is a great option for Indian students if they don’t wish to fly too far away from family and friends in India. Medical universities in Bangladesh provide medical aspirants with global exposure, vibrant cultural experience, world-class education at lower academic costs, research and training resources, and further promising career opportunities. 

University Name 

Tuition Fees (₹)


Hostel Fees (₹)


Dhaka National Medical College

₹ 4,160,520/-

₹ 8,620/-


Sylhet Women’s Medical College

₹ 33,42,280/-


Enam Medical College, Dhaka

₹ 16,52,000/-

₹ 8,260/-


Green Life Medical College, Dhaka

₹ 19,82,400/-

₹ 8,094/-


Dhaka Central International Medical, College, Dhaka

₹ 11,97,700/-

₹ 6,194/-



  • MBBS in NEPAL:

Many reputed medical universities/colleges in Nepal are recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), and National Medical Commission (NMC). Students studying MBBS in Nepal avail the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of medical concepts, provide experience in clinical practice, and ability to serve efficiently in resource-limited settings. 

University Name

Tuition Fees (₹)


Hostel fees (₹)

Nepalgunj Medical College

₹ 30,00,000/-

₹ 6,00,000/-

College of Medical Science Nepal

₹ 30,00,000/-

₹ 6,60,000/-

KIST Medical College

₹ 42,00,000/-

₹ 6,00,000/-

Kathmandu University

₹ 55,00,000/-

₹ 6,00,000/-


  • MBBS in POLAND: 

The medical universities in Poland offer excellent infrastructure, modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, top-notch research facilities, and state-of-the-art hospitals eventually providing hands-on clinical practice, and in-depth medical knowledge. International students can benefit from studying alongside aspiring doctors from different cultural backgrounds and enjoy exciting campus life activities outside of academic life. 

University Name 

Tuition Fees (₹)


Hostel Fees (₹)


Medical University of Lodz

₹ 52,32,000/-

₹ 5,04,000/-

Medical University of Gdansk

₹ 50,40,000/-

₹ 5,70,000

Nicolaus Copernicus University 

₹ 50,40,000/-

₹ 5,04,000/-

University of Silesia

₹ 36,21,000/-

₹ 5,04,000/-



Overall, the quality of education in medicine abroad is popular because of the up-to-date curriculum, excellent faculty, and globally recognized universities, exposure to vibrant culture, better job prospects. Also, medical universities in some countries offer more cutting-edge facilities for research and practical experience than others. Hence, studying MBBS abroad is an ideal choice. 

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