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Most young adults and teenagers go through a phase where they have to make a major career decision in life and that one decision is supposed to give direction to a major part of their lives if not the whole life. That’s where educational counseling comes into play.


We know you’ve big dreams and hopes for the future and we understand you know your goals better than us but are you sure about how to actually go about it to make your dreams come true? People often feel skeptical about any sort of counseling confusing it with psychotherapy. But educational counseling is different and necessary because of its intent and motive.

Here, at Dream Medicine Educon Pvt. Ltd. we understand your concern for your future and address your career requirements depending upon emotional, behavioral, and academic needs especially if you wish to travel abroad to study medicine.


Online Counseling Session

Dream Medicine Educon Pvt. Ltd. is a well recognized study-abroad consultancy that provides assistance, suggestions, expert counseling, and feedback to educational professionals and students.

At Dream Medicine, we believe in imparting awareness and reliable sources of information and support to the students or parents who seek educational counseling, especially in the field of medicine and study abroad. We provide various means of communication to connect with students via email, real-time chat, phone calls, video-conferencing.

We facilitate guardians and students with one-on-one interactions with our expert counselors without any expense incurred on their end.


Dream Medicine Educon has a well-qualified, professional, and experienced team of MBBS counselors who have the expertise of 10+ years in MBBS Abroad counseling. You can contact one of our counselors via phone calls, SMS, Whatsapp, Emails, etc and our team constantly shall be there to solve all your queries and provide you with the right guidance toward your MBBS journey!

Ring our toll-free number 1800-120-9422 to register for a free counseling session.

We have offices across the country, you can call on 1800-120-9422 and arrange a personal counseling session at the nearest branch.

Book a counseling session with one of our experienced advisors today and take the first step towards your dream education!


Steps To Connect For Counseling Session :

● Register for the Dream Medicine Educon One-on-One Counseling Session.
● Receive a direct link with complete instructions via SMS or WhatsApp from the Dream Medicine Team.
● Click on the direct link at the informed time and connect to the counseling session with our expert counselor.
● Attend the counseling session and get all your doubts cleared.
● Our counselor shall get in touch with you further via phone if you have any further questions and will guide you through to help you make the right decision.


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