MBBS In Egypt for Indian Students


MBBS In Egypt has been rising day by day in the last few years. In Egypt, they award the degree of MB BCH (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery). In Egypt, the total duration of MBBS  is 7 years which includes 5 years of academic and clinical study, and 2 years of clinical rotation. After completing academics, clinical study and clinical rotation of 7 years you will get your degree.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is going to opt for the Egyptian system of Medical Education. The students who passed the 10+2 exam are eligible for the MBBS in Egypt. In Egypt, it is divided into three parts- Pre-clinical, clinical, and Internship.

To be a doctor in Egypt generally requires-

  • Internship: After completing their academic 5 years students are required to go for a 2-year internship in a hospital that is affiliated with the Medical University.
  • Residency: After completing the 2-year internship program, students can apply for the residency program. The residency program requires three to five years which includes more instruction and more experience.
  • Specialization: Graduate students can apply for the specialization to become a specialist in any branch of medicine after completing residency.

Quick Overview of MBBS in Egypt for Indian Students

Degree Type MB BCH (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)
Total Medical Universities in Egypt More than 38
Admission starts September
Course Duration 7 years including 2-year internship
Program Type Full-Time
Eligibility 10+2 with 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology 
NEET Requirement YES, NEET is required
IELTS/ TOEFL Not Required
Medium of Education English
Fees Structure ₹35 Lakh-₹50 Lakh Per Year
Cost of living ₹12,000-₹15000 per Month

About Egypt

Egypt is an intercontinental state which means it is located in more than one continent i.e North Africa and Western Asia. Egypt is surrounded by Sudan, Libya, the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. 

  • The capital of Egypt is Cairo.
  • The official language of Egypt is Arabic Language. 
  • The currency of Egypt is the Egyptian Pound.
  • The famous sites of Egypt are the Sphinx, Giza Pyramids and Nile River. 
  • Egypt is famous for its historic culture.
  • About 90% of the population of Egypt is mainly Muslim. 
  • The total population of Egypt is about 10.93 crore.
  • Egypt is rich in its culture and famous for its literature, cuisine and music.
Capital Cairo


Egyptian Pound


Arabic language


90% Muslim

English Speaking Population

About 50%

Population of Egypt

10.93 crores

Exchange Rate

1Egyptian pound = 2.69INR(approx)

Climate of Egypt

Dry, Hot

Time Difference

India is ahead 3 hours and 30 minutes from Egypt.


Indian Students in Egypt

The journey of MBBS in Egypt started in 2019. In Egypt, students are enrolled in  Ain Shams University, Cairo University and Alexander University. About 350+ students are studying in Egypt and out of them 200 are studying at Cairo University, 125 at Ain Shams University, and the rest of the students are studying at Alexander University. In India students from south India like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala move to Egypt to pursue MBBS.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Egypt

The advantages of studying MBBS in Egypt are-

  • Old Institutions: In Egypt, many universities of MBBS are having experience of more than 200 years.
  • Clinical Exposure:  In Egypt, the tenure of an internship is two years which is longer than in India. In Egypt, the hospitals are more experienced because of the number of patients.
  • English Medium: In Egypt, students study in English is same as in India.
  • NMC Acceptance: The degree that is provided by the Egyptian University follows all the criteria of NMC. Hence you are eligible to appear in the NEXT Exam. 
  • Affordable Fee: The fee of MBBS in Egypt is not so expensive. It is affordable for the Indian Students.

Disadvantages of MBBS in Egypt

  • Duration: As compared to the Duration of MBBS in Egypt it is more than India. In Egypt, it takes 7 years and in India, it takes 6 years. After passing the Next exam in India, you can finish your degree with an internship, within 10 years.
  • Small Indian Community: According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs not more than 3500 Indians are there. They are working in international corporations, projects and even students. In comparison with other countries, it is very less than any other country.

Comparison of MBBS in India Vs Egypt

If we compare the MBBS of India and Egypt. The following parameters are-

Parameter India Egypt
College Type Public/Private Public and private
Tuition Fee Public-1-3 Lacs Pvt 60-90 Lacs 35 Lakh to 50 Lakh 
Duration 4.5 Years 5 Years
Infrastructure Good to Avg Good
Internship 1 Year 2 Year
World Rank None High Ranked
Study Pattern Asian-Pre, Para & Clinical Asian Pre, Para & Clinical
Teaching Experience 0-20 Years ( for Most) 50-200 Years
Clinical Exposure Very high (Govt) Very High

Cost of Study MBBS in Egypt:

There are major expenses for Indian Students studying in Egypt. They are- 

  • MBBS Fee In Egypt: In Egypt, the tuition fee for all the universities is the same for International Students. In Egypt, the Fee of the MBBS is approx 5 Lakh per year. MBBS fee in Egypt is more than in Russia and China.
  • Hostel Facility in Egypt: Accommodation or hostel facilities are not available in every University in Egypt. At Ain Shams University they offer hostel facilities to all the enrolled students on the campus. The charge of the hostel ranges between 4000-6000 INR. And the private accommodation cost in Cairo is about 15000- 20000 INR. In other cities, it costs less.
  • Indian Food In Egypt: In Egypt very small number of students are studying. But you will find many options for food in Cairo city. However, finding affordable food monthly is difficult.  The availability of Indian mess in the university depends on the majority of Indian students. The charge of mess is around 6000 INR per month.
  • Travel Cost:  The travel cost from India to Cairo is 20-25k. It even depends upon the type of flight chosen by you. Direct flights from Delhi to Cairo are very few. Cairo is directly connected to India by Dubai.
Average Cost INR
Milk 90
Loaf of bread 45
Eggs 120
Monthly Conveyance  990
Basic Utility 3000

Duration of MBBS in Egypt

In Egypt, it takes a total of 7 years to complete MBBS. In which 5 years of teaching and two years of Internship. In Egypt, students are allowed to write a licensing exam after one year of Internship.

Medical Universities in Egypt

In Egypt about 38 medical universities as per the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS). Some top universities in Egypt are-

Public University Established Year
Ain Shams University 1948
Alexander University 1942
Cairo University 1827
Kafrelsheikh University 2013
Mansoura University 1962
Menoufia University 1984
Suez University 2018
Tanta University 1962
Zagazig University 1970

Alexandria University

Alexandria University was established in the year 1942. This university is located in Alexandria City. It is a public University. About 150+ students are studying in this University. There is the availability of hostels and Indian food inside the campus of the University. The University has different fields like Medicine, design, trade, science, and law. The university is recognized by the Ministry of Health and Education and even by international organizations like NMC, WHO and the Medical Council of other countries.

Established 1942
Type of university Public
Location Alexandria, Egypt
Indian students 150+
Duration of Course 5 Years
Intakes September
Internship Yes
Accreditation WHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & Accommodation Yes

Cairo University

University was established in the year 1908 and it is located in Giza. It is a public University. In this University about 100+ Indian students are studying. In this University there is availability of hostels and Indian food. The university has had an outstanding performance in the last few years. One mission of the university is to give world-class healthcare professionals.

Foundation year 1908
Type of university Public
Location Giza, Egypt
Indian students 100+
Duration of Course 5 Years
Intakes September
Internship Yes
Accreditation WHO, FAIMER, NMC
Indian Food & Accommodation Yes

Eligibility Required For MBBS in Egypt

The eligibility criteria for MBBS in Egypt is a little bit complex, for eligibility, they require both high school and 10+2.

  • You should have 75% in both High school and 10+2 level.
  • The age of the student must be 17+ years.
  • In 10+2 with physics, chemistry and Biology required.

MBBS Admission Process in Egypt

The admission process in  Egypt is done by the centralized system i.e. governed by the Ministry of Education. The application portal in Egypt for International students opens in July every year.

Step 1:Complete the Online application form with your complete details after selecting the university.

Step 2: After completing the application from the University, you will get a pre-acceptance letter within a week from the University.

Step 3: Submit all your documents to the Egyptian Embassy in India.

Step 4: After completing all paperwork processes, you will get a Final Admission Letter.

Step 5: After the final acceptance, the embassy will stamp for the Visa.

Step 6: After getting your visa, take a flight to Egypt and make your dream come true.

How do you choose the best MBBS college in Egypt?

To choose the best college or university in Egypt there are the following factors-

  • Global Recognition of the College/ University
  • Ranking of the University
  • University Following NMC 2021 Guidelines.
  • Fee of the University
  • Accommodation Facilities provided by the University
  • Location of the University
  • Infrastructure of the University
  • Student Feedback from the University

Medical License Exam in Egypt for International Students

The Medical Science exam in Egypt is called the “Medical Syndicate Exam”. All the students of MBBS have to take this examination to be granted a license for practice in Egypt. If International students want to become a practitioner in Egypt they can also take this exam.

 After completing their five years of college and after the first year of the internship students can take this exam. The result of this exam comes typically in  3 to 4 months.

The exam is conducted in both written and verbal. The written exam consists of topics like physiology, anatomy, pathology and pharmacology. While in oral exams they focus on your clinical skills.

After completion of the Medical Licence exam students are eligible for the NEXT exam. The students who obtain the registration number from NMC are eligible for the NEXT Exam.

Vacations for the MBBS Students in Egypt

 The students of MBBS in Egypt get a vacation for two months i.e. July and August. 

MBBS Syllabus in Egypt

The syllabus of MBBS in Egypt is-

Years Subject Teaching Hours
Theory Practical
1st Year  Normal Structure of the Human Body 165 135
Introduction to Biomedical Sciences 145 105
Biomedical Sciences & Musculoskeletal System 225 150
Cardiopulmonary System 220 155
Principles of Disease Mechanism & Pharmacological Basis of Drug Therapy -1 30 20
Critical Thinking 30 20
Medical Professionalism & Communication Skills 23 15
Medical Terminology 7 5
Early Patient Encounter 1 30 20
2nd Year  Principles of Disease Mechanism & Pharmacological Basis of Drug Therapy-2 180 120
Neuroscience 210 140
The digestive system & Renal system 180 120
Endocrine and reproductive system 135 90
Systemic Pathology & Therapeutics-1 30 20
Behavioral & Cognitive Sciences 30 20
Medical Professionalism and Medical & Law 1 22 15
Early Patient Encounter 2 30 20
Medical Research & EBM-1 31 19
Student Selected Component 1 30 45
3rd Year  Infectious Diseases & Immunology 512 601
Systemic Pathology & Therapeutics-2 701 51
Nutrition 30 20
Investigative Medicine 30 20
Eye Disorders 150 75
Ear, Nose & Throat 150 75
Clinical Toxicology & Legal Medicine 120 80
4th Year  Medicine 1 54 36
Family Medicine 1 60 40
Surgery 1 54 36
Psychiatry 45 30
Paediatrics 300 210
Obstetrics & Gynecology 300 210
Community Medicine 105 70
Palliative Medicine & Oncology 30 20
5th Year  Medicine 2 & Specialties 522


Surgery 2 & Specialties 522 348
Family Medicine 2 23 15
6th-7th Clinical Rotations - -

Is Egypt Safe for Indian Medical Students?

Egypt is considered one of the safest places for the MBBS for Indian Students.

  • Being a student keeps a distance from terrible sites.
  • Egypt is a multicultural place where no one is ragged and assaulted by anyone.
  • You must take your identity proof with you always.
  • Egypt is considered the best place for the MBBS for Indian Students. For Indian Medical students it is becoming an important place.

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  • University Type : Government
  • University Grade : B
  • ECFMG Status : Approved
  • World Rank : 2367
  • University Application : Open
  • Establishment Year : 1928
  • Medium of Instruction : English
  • Total Course Fee :
  • Duration of Course : 5 Years & 1-Year Internship
  • Eligibilty : 50% in PCB


  • University Type : Government
  • University Grade : B
  • ECFMG Status : Approved
  • World Rank : 748
  • University Application : Open
  • Establishment Year : 1938
  • Medium of Instruction : English
  • Total Course Fee :
  • Duration of Course : 5 Years & 1-Year Internship
  • Eligibilty : 60% in PCB


  • University Type : Government
  • University Grade : B
  • ECFMG Status : Approved
  • World Rank : 1396
  • University Application : Open
  • Establishment Year : 1908
  • Medium of Instruction : English
  • Total Course Fee :
  • Duration of Course : 5 Years & 1-Year Internship
  • Eligibilty : 50% in PCB


  • University Type : Government
  • University Grade : C
  • ECFMG Status : Approved
  • World Rank : 447
  • University Application : Open
  • Establishment Year : 1972
  • Medium of Instruction : English
  • Total Course Fee : 27.27 lacs
  • Duration of Course : 6 years with internship
  • Eligibilty : 50% in PCB